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Sporty Cars Aimed At Millennials Don’t Stack Up to 2012 MINI Cooper

Generation Y heading towards MINI Cooper dealers to differentiate themselves with trendy rides like the 2012 MINI Cooper

01/08/2012 // Santa Ana, CA, USA // Crevier MINI // Wafaa Hamood

Many auto manufacturers, including MINI Cooper dealers with their 2012 MINI Cooper, are producing cars that break the mold in hopes of attracting new Generation Y customers. Sporty, small vehicles with a variety of options including three doors, front-seat only, punchy colors, economical gas mileage and quick accelerations are being pumped off the assembly lines by most major brands. How does the general public decide which make and model is best? A recent Motor Trend Magazine comparison ( sheds light on the pros and cons of what they refer to as the “odd-ball” class of car, placing the 2012 MINI Cooper at the top of their list.

The Motor Trend car comparison focused on the 2012 MINI Cooper, Scion tC, Honda CR-Z, Volkswagen Beetle, Hyundai Veloster and Fiat 500. These cars went head to head in an all out battle in an attempt to prove that they where number one, delivering the full package to drivers. Here is what Motor Trend discovered when the rubber hit the road:

Sixth Place: The Scion tC, coming in last due to “drivability issues” and a so-so attempt at an out-of-the-box image compared to regular sedans.

Fifth Place: The Fiat 500 failed to impress judges when it came to handling and practicality.

Fourth Place: The Hyundai Veloster, while trendy and easily used for an everyday ride, lost favor due to a less than par handling performance and lack of engine power.

Third Place: The Volkswagen Beetle was simply not a stand out in any category and came across too “soft” to belong with this sporty crew.

Second Place: Honda CR-Z came in second to the 2012 MINI Cooper, leaving the judges looking for more power, good tires and atop all – seating. The CR-Z was not built for people over six feet tall.

First Place Winner: The 2012 MINI Cooper. After a fierce battle, the 2012 MINI Cooper prevailed due to it’s dream-like handling, fuel economy, extensive list of quirky options.

“These are great comparisons of cars that are selling in this market right now,” says Peter Maldonado, Sales Manager at Crevier’s MINI Cooper dealer. “While all other cars reviewed failed in the big things like safety, reliability and drivability, Motor Trend points out what makes the 2012 MINI Cooper a great buy, including it’s fun factor.” Continuing, Maldonado shares, “The superiority of the 2012 MINI Cooper was shown clearly in December as Crevier MINI wrapped up the best month the dealership has had since we’ve been open, and overall nationally MINI had the best year they’ve had breaking record sales 7 out of 12 months.”

The next generation of drivers are looking to get behind the wheel of a vehicle a flare and style not seen in traditional sedans. These Generation Y buyers are searching for a low entry price point into a car that helps define their unique sense of individuality and attitude. The 2012 MINI Cooper delivers just that. Starting at under $20,000, the 2012 MINI Cooper, now available at all MINI Cooper dealers, delivers a combination of fun-to-drive performance, engineering and unconventional attitude.


The 2012 MINI Cooper comes in three body types – coupe, hatchback and convertible. These tiny cars pack a whopping 121 horsepower, 1.6 liter engine that takes drivers from zero to 60 mph in under 9 seconds. Even with all the power, the 2012 MINI Copper still receives 29 city and 37 highway miles per gallon. Inside the 2012 MINI Cooper, owners will find an impressive 24 cubic feet of cargo space for everyday hauling needs. New this year are color options and MINI Yours high-end customizable features. Optional 2012 MINI Cooper features include navigation, Bluetooth and iPod input.


Part of the Penske Automotive Group, Crevier MINI is the preeminent MINI Cooper dealer for Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Ana, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Ontario, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. For the most knowledgeable sales staff and experienced service department contact Southern California’s leading MINI Cooper Dealer at (877) 231-8279 or visit to view the new 2012 MINI Cooper models.

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