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Social Media Marketing Idea: Increase Your Fan-base With Facebook Contests

Social Media News: Will a Facebook contest be your ticket to more business in 2012?

01/02/2012 // Orlando, FL, USA // ~ Social Media Gal ~ // 1SocialMediaGal

(Social Media News) — Now is the time, more than ever, that businesses are aiming to increase their amount of loyal fans on popular social media sites. After conducting research, a new survey shows that one great way to boost a company’s fan base is to conduct Facebook contests. With more than 800 million active Facebook users, this social media site provides a quick and easy way to reach the mass public in a matter of minutes.

The two main goals of a business employing the use of social media are typically to increase their amount of “likes” and to create relationships that will drive business. According to the latest numbers, companies that use Facebook to advertise are accomplishing these goals and more. More than half (56%) of Facebook users reported that they were more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan of that brand on Facebook.

The new survey also revealed that approximately 57% of page administrators have created and posted at least one Facebook contest for their company. However, are Facebook contests worth the time and energy that page administrators put forth? New research shows that it absolutely is. It was found that using a contest on Facebook increased a company’s fan base by approximately 28%!

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and 80 connections to pages, events and groups. As a result, posts and recommendations about a specific brand can easily spread in a matter of minutes. Whether using photo contests, surveys, essay contests, posts or even video contests, the outcome all seems to be the same – increased visibility for company pages.

The number of people using Facebook and other popular social media sites is on the rise and companies and brands should take advantage of this booming trend. With 245 million internet users in the United States, social media sites and blogs reach 4 out of 5 of active web surfers, showing that technology is indeed a company’s best friend.

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