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Missing Teeth No Longer Stand in the Way of a Beautiful Smile

Fort Lauderdale Dentist Dawn Polasky, D.D.S., states now anyone can have a beautiful smile.

Fort Lauderdale Dentist Dawn Polasky, D.D.S., states now anyone can have a beautiful smile.

12/15/2011 // Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA // sheiladanzig // Dawn Polasky

Major breakthroughs in dentistry have been made throughout the years, but, arguably, the most exciting and important advancement has been in dental implants. “The technology allows virtually anyone today to have an easy care smile,” says Dawn Polasky, DDS, an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry, who specializes in dental implants.

“I love what I do — I give people their dream smiles,” says Polasky, beaming. “I have an amazing staff and I work alongside my brother, Steven, who is a state of the art dentist. We both love what we do and our patients love it even more.”

People recognize the importance of making a good first impression and how an attractive smile adds to that. Dental implants have revolutionized the way patients enhance and perfect their smiles, improving their looks and the way others view them. Sharon Baron, a patient of Dr. Polasky, agrees. “People keep telling me I look younger now. Probably because I’m smiling more,” Baron laughs.

According to Polasky, dental implants can repair a damaged smile, but also restore the ability to eat correctly and speak without difficulty. She says that patients say goodbye to removable dentures that can dislodge while eating. Polasky knows that dental implants look and function exactly like a patient’s original teeth and, unlike earlier procedures, today’s technology means dental implants no longer require extended healing time or post-surgical care, which previously deterred many patients from benefiting. For Polasky’s patients with dentures, the dentures can now be fixed in place, and feel and perform like original teeth.

“I was nervous,” confessed Phyllis Rabin, another of Polasky’s patients. “I knew people who’d really suffered through the healing process in the past, so I was hesitant. Dr. Polasky assured me that my recovery would be quick, but I never anticipated that it would actually be painless. It was quick and painless. I was amazed.”

“The process is simple,” says Polasky, “and conducted with anesthetic.” Patients consult with Polasky and a dental surgeon to determine their individual needs. Each damaged tooth is extracted and titanium screws are inserted into the bone of the jaw. An abutment is then attached to each screw, and a crown placed atop it in a fixed case. It now behaves and looks exactly like the patient’s original teeth. State-of-the-art technology allows the dental team to complete the process quickly with small incisions.

“Even patients with advanced gum disease and bacterial infections that have eaten away at the bone can now get an implant. Today’s technology is so advanced that we can help even those who thought they were beyond help. Virtually anyone can have that beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of.”

Dr. Dawn Polasky can be reached at 954.249.2424 or [email protected] For more information, visit

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