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Florida Google Now Cashing In On Mug Shot Photos

Remove announced that they have discovered a link between Google and many of the mug shot websites that have popped up over the last two months.

05/16/2011 // New Orleans, LA, USA // maximusbiz // Maxphire Media

New Orleans, LA ( Remove announced that they have discovered a link between Google and many of the mug shot websites that have popped up over the last two months. Sites like Florida leads the pack as one of the most difficult and reveling mug shot sites on the web, but more copycat sites are now cashing in on the trend.

For years Google AdSense has been the driving force behind millions of affiliate marketing websites all trying to get paid from Google ad placements, and the mug shot sites are no exception. Mug shot sites are often paid on the number of clicks or the number total impressions, meaning how many times the page containing the ad was opened. The incentive is to post the booking photo of the arrested person on the mug shot site as quickly as possible and then wait for them to open the page.

Phillip Lee a spokesperson for Remove says that they have even traced on one the mug shot sites directly back to Google’s main office, which clearly appears to be an unethical conflict of interest.

“We conducted an IP search on a site called and discovered that it traces back to Google. We are not sure if Google is testing the profitability of mug shots sites as the reason for why this particular site is registered to their internal servers, but the one thing that is for certain is Google has some form of connection to the”

In a search of the IP for the follow information appeared: – General IP Information Hostname: ISP: Google Organization: Google

Lee went on to say the every time someone opens one of these mug shot links the site owner and Google will achieve a monetary gain from advertisers.

Lee also explained that 6 out of the 10 calls made to their office at are a direct result of someone needing help in removing a mug shot from the first page of Google. What is making the removal of mug shots even more challenging is the possibility that Google could in fact own one of the main mug shot sites.

Remove is a Reputation Management firm that specializes in removing negative content from the first page of Google including booking photos. The site has experienced enormous demand for their services, in particularly in the State of Florida. Remove has established an entire division of their firm dedicated to removing mug shots posted by Florida

In a recent interview with Tyronne Jacques the author of the top selling Reputation Management book How To Fight Google And Win he says that many of the people who have mug shots now appearing on the first page of Google where either acquitted of their charges or the case was dismissed.

“Imagine is your were arrested and booked but your charge were later dismissed in court. That’s all good news with the exception of your mug shot that is still on the first page of Google. Now you understand the plight of so many who were vindicated in court but still found guilty in Google.”

Remove now offers a service that will remove Florida from the first page of Google within five days or full refund.

Remove has helped over 75 customers in the past 21 days remove their mug shot photos from Florida The completion time in removing mug shot photos has ranged from 6 hours to 72 hours which has established Remove as the experts in mug shot removal.

If you would like more information about how to remove a mug shot off the first page of Google please visit

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