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A New Face Lift Technique That Is Not New

Cosmetic surgery technique improves the traditional plastic surgery facelift for a more natural look without extreme fads and the old, windswept results.

[youtube id=”KvvTl0YZj3Y”] 04/28/2011 // Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA // Chattanooga Cosmetic Surgery // Pamela Nease

We recently came across this post where a plastic surgeon will be presenting a new face lift technique at the Aesthetics meeting organized by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF). This new Face Lift, as written in the article said, “The new cosmetic surgery approach involves lifting and filling areas where fat compartments in the face have degenerated with age, as opposed to previous face lift techniques which focused on pulling the skin tight. The new technique eliminates the undesirable windswept look that has received much negative press, and replaces it with a fuller, more youthful look.”

At Southern Surgical Arts, our surgeons are fellowship-trained Cosmetic Surgeons where this technique has been taught for many years. Dr. Carey Nease, Double-Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and the pioneer of the Laser Face Lift said, “I’ve been doing this for many years.” So the idea that this is a new face lift technique proves that some surgeons are just catching up with what Cosmetic Surgeons have been doing for years.

Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease have been explaining the difference in face lift techniques for quite some time. In fact, each of our potential patients leave knowing that there is a difference between the Plastic Surgery Traditional Face lift, Fad Lifts, The Cosmetic Surgery Face Lift and Southern Surgical Arts’ Laser Face Lift. The differences are noted as:

Traditional Plastic Face Lift

The traditional plastic face lift procedure involves significant reduction in excess skin, neck banding and wrinkles. The benefit to having a traditional face lift is that you will have very noticeable results. The downside is that the surgeons who learned this technique did not likely learn how to add the refining touches to make the patient look natural or focus on minimal scarring. Women and men no longer want to look hollow, pulled or plastic and have unsightly, visible scars, all obvious signs of surgery.

Benefits: 10-15 years younger

Downside: Scars, plastic look, long recovery (4-6 weeks), long surgery, general anesthesia

Fad Lifts

An answer to the downside of the traditional face lift came about in the 1990s with mini face lifts like LifeStyle, Feather, S-lift, MACS lift, String lifts, etc. These fad mini face lifts were and are in demand because many patients want the benefits of looking younger but also are seeking to minimize scarring, cost and recovery. These mini face lifts are typically less expensive and can be done under conscious sedation or even local anesthesia. The problem is that very often they do not have significant or long lasting results.

Benefits: Minimal scars, short recovery, local anesthesia

Downside: Little results

The Cosmetic Face lift (at Southern Surgical Arts) does include incisions, suturing and excess skin removal, although at Southern Surgical Arts, Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal have specific expertise in minimizing scars and placing them in well-hidden areas that are difficult to find. They also offer fat transfer and lipo-sculpting the face for a more natural, youthful appearance. Both cosmetic surgeons have been using the latest techniques and laser technology for the past 4 years at Southern Surgical Arts to provide our patients the answer to beautiful, long-lasting, natural results in facelifts. As Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons and an eye for artistry, they use advanced laser technology to get maximum results along with minimal scarring and quick recovery.

Benefits: 15-20 years younger, minimal scars, short recovery (10-14 days)

Downside: IV sedation anesthesia

The Laser Face lift (at Southern Surgical Arts), developed by Dr. Nease, was designed for the patient who desires facial rejuvenation but is not ready for a traditional Cosmetic Facelift with incisions and skin removal. The Laser Face lift combines Smart Liposuction, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Fat Transfer, Botox and fillers to the face, which makes a person look approximately five years younger. Additionally, the Laser Resurfacing to the skin can be performed several times for optimal results. The Laser Facelift clinical study conducted by Dr. Nease in 2010 was presented at the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery conference in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2011 and the initial results showed that more than 75% of patients were highly satisfied.

Benefits: 5-10 years younger, no scars, short recovery (5-7 days)

Downside: IV sedation anesthesia

For more information about Cosmetic Surgery Face Lifts or The Laser Face Lift at Southern Surgical Arts, please call 423-266-3331. Consultations are complimentary, and we are always happy to provide examples of the different approaches to Face Lifts so that patients can make an informed decision.

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