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Pilots Union Calls for Stronger Campaign against Lasers Aimed at Airliners

/ C. Reiter/ 03/02/2011

The Air Line Pilots Association, the largest pilots union in the United States, recently stepped up the campaign against individuals intentionally pointing lasers at airliners by calling on lawmakers, regulators and industry officials to take action against the culprits. The Wall Street Journal reported on the matter on January 26, 2011, and explained the union’s proposal includes calls for public awareness campaigns, the expansion of “laser-free zones” and new air-traffic control safeguards and pilot procedures to help minimize the threats.

When pointed into an aircraft, lasers can temporarily blind and/or incapacitate pilots, resulting in added danger for the pilots, passengers and individuals nearby. The call for action was issued by Lee Moak, the union leader on Tuesday January 25, 2011. This move is the first major public-safety drive to be issued under Moak, who was recently elected union president.

Moak, who is also a Delta Air Lines pilot, stated, “A threat this serious requires decisive action from every legislative and regulatory angle, but we also need the public to get engaged.”

While no injuries have been reported in relation to lasers being pointed into the cockpits of aircrafts, pilots have reported instances of lasers lighting up cockpits and making visibility difficult.

The Federal Aviation Administration stated in its annual report on the week of January 17, 2011 that potentially blinding laser incidents involving all types of planes across the U.S. almost doubled to 2,800 in 2010 from the previous year.

In 2010, Los Angeles International Airport and the airspace surrounding the area had the highest number of incidents involving lasers, with 102 reported events. O’Hare International Airport in Chicago had the second highest number of reports.

While no injuries have been reported as of yet, the threat still exists.

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