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New York DWI Legislation: New rules require drivers to install car breathalyzers

New York DWI lawyer alert: Leandra’s Law violators charged with felony for driving with children, forced to install ignition device.

07/06/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Tara Monks // Tara Monks

Buffalo, NY – New York drunk drivers whom drove with children in the car will soon face more severe penalties, as legislation is in the works to force those who are charged with violating Leandra’s Law to install breath monitoring system in their vehicles. According to WIVB, people charged with driving intoxicated with a child in the car will have to install an interlock ignition device, a component that will prevent the car from starting if alcohol is detected on someone’s breath.

John Sullivan, director of Erie County Stop DWI Office, explained, “Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor DWI is gonna’ have to have a device placed on their car to prevent them from operating it and actually starting the car if they have any alcohol on their breath.”

The device is the second provision of New York’s Leandra’s Law. The first stipulation of the law makes driving drunk with children in the vehicle a felony.

The cost of leasing, installing and maintaining an ignition interlock ranges between $600 and $800. The device requires the driver to blow into a sensor in order for it to determine whether to start or not.

Again, Sullivan explained, “All of this is being recorded by the device in the vehicle, and each money they come in and that information is downloaded to the monitor.”

Youtube video provided by MADD.

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