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India and Pakistan exchanges the nuclear installations lists

The decline in bond after Mumbai terrorist attacks did not affect the yearly rituals between Pakistan and India.

Both the sides exchanged the list of nuclear facilities as well as installations on the very first date of this New Year 2009. The two nations exchanged such lists for 18th year, as per the external affairs ministry. The foreign office of Pakistan handed over the list of installations to high commission of India while the external affairs ministry gave the list to Pakistan’s high commission.

Earlier, the officials declared that these lists will be exchanged along with the tension of these two nations not affecting the routine to let one another know about the various coordinates of nuclear installations. This list exchanging that serves as a traditional process is performed since a decade and contains all the crucial details like longitude, latitude, exact location of the nuclear installations of both the countries. The main purpose of this agreement is basically to prevent any attack on the nuclear facilities or sites in times of war. The two countries have even set up the telephone hotline as an additional precaution in order to prevent some nuclear fight by mistake.

This tradition has been performed each year without any fail, notwithstanding state of bilateral relationship. Also, even in the war of Kargil, both the sides exchanged these lists on New Year’s very first day. Just like each year, even this year the lists got exchanged in a diplomatic channel at Islamabad and New Delhi under Prohibition of Attack Agreement against the nuclear facilities and installations between Pakistan and India.

The very first lists exchange occurred in the year 1922 and from them, both the nations have stuck to this agreement each year. This agreement was duly signed in the year 1988 and then entered in action in 1991. Even both nations have pledged not to attack these facilities and installations. This stand off of Pakistan and India is viewed closely by international community that is tensed about the war threat between these two nuclear nations.

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