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Nobel Laureates show their faith towards India

The Noble Laureates, who reached Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, are really optimistic on India. These eight men reached the institute for attending Nobel Laureates’ Science Conclave. While some of these men felt somewhat uneasy to come to India after these Mumbai terror attacks, each one of these Nobel Laureates were totally convinced that this nation is a safe one to work, travel and live. Speaking at Science Conclave’s formal inauguration, these men echoed the same feeling and sentiment, declaring that the Indian youth and the nation have contributed hugely to international scientific sector even though the country has a long journey to complete.
Jerome Issac Friedman, awarded with Nobel Prize in 1990 for the discovery of quarks, stated that along with technology, India needs to lay stress on the basic science development. He also wondered regarding the reason that stopped India from catching the manufacturing boom and that too primarily in the electronic gadgets and semi-conducting items like other countries such as Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan despite of possessing a large amount of scientists and technocrats.

Also, the American Physicist, Martin Lewis Perl who won the prestigious Nobel Prize in the year 1995 for discovering Tau Lepton stated that apart from brainpower, the art, dance and culture of India are the valuable possessions as well as exports to United States. The Laureate laid emphasis on the requirement for the scientists of India to investigate deeper in the science basics and primarily in physics as it is the very base of all the scientific research.

Even Sir Harold Walter Kroto, the English Chemist, sharing the Nobel Prize for Chemistry put his stress on the exceptional Indian food that is accessible in London along with the great business made by Indian restaurants. In addition, Claude Cohen Tannaudji, another Nobel Prize winner felt that the youth of India need to put their energies in scientific research as this is the most effective tool to combat the problems of fanaticism and violence.

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