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Google the undisputed king of SEM

San Francisco: Google has become one of the leading players as a top most search engines in Europe and the USA thereby leading the highest rank among five search engines. Google is highly rated above Yahoo, AOL, Ask .com and MSN. According to a research carried by ComScore Inc, Google rules the position of a leading search engine marketer that strengthened itself during the month of August. Google has 63% share in the global search engine marketing that makes it a leader in competition with MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.

Google’s market share is much higher in comparison to its competitors thereby making it a leader in search engine marketing. The figures of August alone are enough to show the giant leap Google has made in the area of search engine marketing. Comparing other search engines with Google it was found that Yahoo saw a decline of 0.9% in its search engine marketing and stood at 19.6% during the month of July. MSN saw a drop of 0.6% and was at 8.3%. However, both and AOL saw an increase of 0.3% and 0.1% respectively. However, no search engine was able to give a healthy competition to Google in online marketing.

With the distribution of market share, it is certain that Google is far ahead with its contemporaries thereby leading with a thick edge. According to ComScore Inc, in spite the fluctuating market of search engines during the present month, it was astonishingly to see that the searches made on these five search engines was same i.e. 11.75 billion in July. However, this figure does not include the searches carried out for mapping and search for information based on local directories.

Seeing the increasing popularity of Google on the World Wide Web, its overshadowed competitors want to complain with competition regulators in Europe and the US.

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