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Find Law in trouble with Google

FindLaw the legal firm was in trouble with Google for malpractices, which go against Google search policy. FindLaw was aware of the popularity points counted in the Google search engine. Keeping that in mind it offered, “up to three hard coded links,” or the computer code, which would make it shoot up the Google popularity chart for $1000.this was offered as one of its new search engine marketing advantage product. This would make the site the top online destination. This practice has been going on for the last four years. FindLaw came under fire because it was flouting Google norms.

Google helps people find the right sites with a view to help them with useful information rather than increasing promotions, which are of bo use to the people. Shaughnessy in a statement said that “FindLaw does not sell links to law firms.” He said an “unauthorized communication went out to corporate advertising prospects that misrepresented how the product was intended to work and didn’t fully and accurately describe it.” As soon as it realized this it “immediately cancelled SEM-Corporate” . Additional tags were put on the links so that they no longer featured on the searches. This was done to comply with the Google guidelines.

Kevin O’Keefe, is the president of Seattle-based LexBlog, is a known critic of FindLaw. He said that there was nothing principally wrong with making a directory which links to law firms. FindLaw was erring as it was selling the referral links which are called incoming links. This was interfering with the Google ranking system. It has a special algorithm to calculate the page of referral links upset the calculation and Google norms.

Google retaliated by temporarily lowering FindLaw ranking by a couple of notches, this rap has served as an example for deterrent for others adopting such tactics.

News source: CEPAC Lawyer Marketing  

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