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Man charged with murder surrenders

The Washington state police were a puzzled and worried lot on Wednesday morning when it seemed that someone had gone on a shooting spree. A sheriff’s deputy was among those killed. Along an 18-mile stretch 5 people were found dead and 4 wounded. It is believed that Isaac L. Zamorra was responsible for these murders

Zamorra 28 is from the small town of Alger. At 28 he has a police record already. He was released from jail after serving a six month sentence as he had been found carrying cocaine. He was still under observation of a corrections officer when he seemed to have gone berserk and killed and wounded at random. The killings seem to be without a motive. According to Eric Wolf who is a friend of Zamorra he was undergoing a lot of mental stress. He was fighting a drug addiction and recovering from a fall out with his girlfriend. Although this happened two years ago he was still fighting it. He also had a history of drug addiction and depression. He however exclaimed, “It’s hard to believe he would do something like this. I didn’t think he was capable.”

Mr. Zamora’s mother admitted that he had psychiatric problems and they had tried to deal with them but in vain. The police are however still investigating. Apparently the killings began on Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Jackson, 40 became a casualty and was shot dead even as she was answering a call for trespassing at someone’s house. Alerted the police found that there had been 3 more victims at Seattle, which is about 75 miles to the North of Alger- a 48-year-old woman, and 2 construction workers. It has however still not been established whether all the murders and the wounded have been committed by the same person.

Mr. Zamorra surrendered to the police in the Skagit county parking lot on Wednesday

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