Facebook for solo attorneys – Why the legal community must use Facebook to market their law firm

02/11/2010 The popularity of Facebook has lead to many discussions about using he popular social networking site for marketing and business promotion. Internet marketers have begun using Facebook to market and have been successful in building their businesses. Social media is all about building personal and business relationships. You need to be original, genuine and […]

Why is law firm Internet marketing different from other businesses? OneSEOCompany explains

01/27/2010Internet marketing for companies selling products and services differs from Internet marketing for solo attorney or law firms. Why is this?Raising the curtain of confusion, QZee, the CEO of OneSEOCompany, explains, “Legal professionals who wish to project their legal services to the masses face a special task.“Each attorney is different, as each lawyer has his/her […]

What to know before hiring a law firm Internet marketing company

Don’t make a mistake of handing over your law firm’s marketing to an Internet marketing company with no experience in the field. No matter how big they are, what matters most is the Internet marketing company’s experience and knowledge about legal marketing issues. Your legal practice needs a different, customized approach. You are not selling […]

Lawyer internet marketing using attorney blogs now at oneseocompany.com

05/28/2009 – Attention injury attorneys, personal injury lawyers, employment lawyers, business litigation attorneys, family law firms, divorce lawyers, mesothelioma lawyers, car accident injury attorneys and law firms, trail lawyers Tell the people about your practice area, your achievements and create awareness through custom lawyer blogs – become an internet authority on your area of practice […]