New York Divorce Mediation Lawyer: Recession & Divorce Doesn’t Mix

08/05/2010 New York, NY- Divorce itself is hard on a family and those involved, but because of our downward economy and housing market, unhappy couples are now forced to continue cohabitation. Couples, who have invested in a home after getting married, simply cannot unload their house nor recoup their investment in today’s economic state, as […]

North Carolina Divorce Attorneys Report: Financial reasons that lead to divorce

/// 07/19/2010 The decline in the nation’s economy has led many people across the country to re-evaluate their lifestyles. Whether the current financial situation has affected you drastically or just on a minor level, one thing can be said for both: money is a driving force behind many actions we take in life. The recent […]

Raleigh Family Lawyers Report: How fighting parents affect children

/// 04/21/2010 In efforts to inform feuding couples of the effects a bystanding child experiences in witnessing fights, the Raleigh family law attorneys of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt present the findings of a study aimed at examining children’s responses to feuding parents. North Carolina divorce lawyers report: Science Daily reported on a 2008 study conducted […]

North Carolina Divorce Lawyers Outline the Basics of Child Custody Hearings

/// 05/19/2010 When starting the process of determining child custody, the first issue is whether North Carolina has jurisdiction to determine the custodial rights of the parents.   Under North Carolina’s Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, (UCCJA) the court has jurisdiction to make an initial child custody determination if one or more of the following […]

NYC Divorce Mediation Lawyer: Like the Gores, many couples split after years of marriage

06/15/2010 New York, NY (News)-The shocking separation announcement made by Al and Tipper Gore after 40-years of marriage, has left many friends, fans, and family members in disbelief. But marriage experts suggested the Gores are a part of a growing phenomenon, in which couples who have invested 20-40 years together, are deciding to spend the […]