Don’t Waste Your Money: Mortgage stimulus advertisements – ABC27

(WHTM) — Those pandemic stimulus checks have ended and are unlikely to come back. So, what are all these ads for a new homeowner’s stimulus that could provide up to $3,800 to pay for your mortgage? The ads are all over social media: “A new 2021 mortgage relief program is giving back $3,708 in savings […]

5 Ways To Feel Younger In Retirement – Forbes

How can you feel younger in your retirement years? This is a big question and one I am just starting to get a handle on, I think. I am almost 67, quite healthy and am fortunate enough to not have serious financial worries. Both my wife and I are psychologists and still working about one […]

New Facebook whistleblower emerges with explosive claims on hate speech – New York Post

There’s more trouble in Zuck-town. A new Facebook whistleblower has reportedly emerged, dishing to US regulators that an official at the social network in 2017 blew off concerns about hate speech as a “flash in the pan,” adding that while “some legislators will get pissy” Facebook is “printing money in the basement.” The new whistleblower […]

Eating Disorders and Social Media Prove Difficult to Untangle – The New York Times

A 27-year-old YouTube star, prodded by her millions of followers with concerns about her health. A 19-year-old TikTok creator who features posts about being skinny. Teen communities throughout the internet, cleverly naming and culling their discussions to avoid detection. They present a nearly intractable problem for social media companies under pressure to do something about […]