Potential Litigants Should Not Destroy Documents

/cdklawyers.com// 05/23/2010 No one wants to be sued, especially by a former employer.  But former employees may find themselves embroiled in litigation over the alleged breach of an employment contract or the purported violation of a covenant not to compete.  If a former employee has reason to believe he may be sued, he should preserve […]

Thinking of Joining a Start-Up Company?

/cdklawyers.com// 03/30/2010 An executive at an established corporation may be approached with a great business idea and the chance to be a founding member in a new start-up company.  But before the executive makes a leap, consideration should be given to a couple key areas. First, a young start-up company may not be able to […]

Dallas Court of Appeals Enforces Forum Selection Clause in Employment Contract

/cdklawyers.com// 03/23/2010 The Court of Appeals located in Dallas, Texas recently enforced a forum selection clause contained in an employment agreement.  Godenick v. Mannatech, Inc., No. 05-09-00269-CV (Tex. App.—Dallas March 3, 2010, no pet. h.), available at http://www.5thcoa.courts.state.tx.us/cgi-bin/as_web.exe?c05_10.ask+D+4781377.  In the employment agreement, the parties agreed to exclusive venue and personal jurisdiction in Dallas County, Texas […]