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Enforcement of Clean Air Act – Asbestos Program in Georgia

San Antonio- Texas – 26.03.09 – The Environmental Protection Agency entered into a recent agreement with Georgia announcing taking over the Air Act Asbestos Program within the State. Georgia has been one of the hard hit states due to the recent budget constraints. It has forced them discontinue participation in asbestos related programs like inspection, […]

Mesothelioma cancer News – Rapid advancements in Nanotechnology

Dallas, Texas – 27.03.09 – Rapid advancements made in the field of Nanotechnology has brought up consequential serious concerns about health risks globally. While the usefulness and utility of nanotechnology cannot be ignored, several health risks are believed to be associated with multiple health risks. Clinical experiments and research have revealed that asbestos contents in […]

Asbestos Dangers Way Back in 1976

Minneapolis, Minnesota  In a sensational revelation a former employee of renowned chemicals and materials company, W.R.Grace & Co, claimed having warned the management about asbestos dangers way back in 1976. “I felt there was a train wreck occurring and I wanted to tell my boss”, said Robert Locke, whose employment stands terminated since 1998. His […]