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Media Eye announced NFT Portal Offering unprecedented scope services, while making buying, selling ,collecting NFTs Easy

Dallas, TX , United States, 10/14/2021 / MediaEye /

Dallas, Texas, 13 October 2021, Novus Newswire: Media Eye announced MeDIA eYe NFT Portal, the newest platform built to operate on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with other leading blockchain interoperability to be available soon after release of our platform. MeDIA eYe is opening the Metaverse to anyone regardless of their experience. In a few simple steps, users will be able to register with their Gmail or Facebook account and have an in-app wallet instantly created for them.

MeDIA eYe provides a “frictionless” platform that will help to drive NFT adoption globally. MeDIA eYe is a non-custodial platform, that means your capital and NFTs are managed securely by smart contracts running on the blockchain.

We stay true to our philosophy, which we call NFTs UNBOUND!

Businesses, promoters, marketers, brands, creators, non-profits, entertainers, gamers, sports franchises & venues, fans, and collectors can distribute NFTs to one address or thousands, you can do it with MeDIA eYe. NFT minting on MeDIA eYe is “free” and easy! Plus we are introducing the first subscription model which provides users access to our services cost effectively across multiple blockchains and keeps user fees to a minimum.

MeDIA eYe provides a wide range of services, such as; NFT featuring, NTF collections (individual and groups), NFT events gallery, NFT price discovery, NFT bundling, NFT fixed price offerings & auctions, proceeds splits, on-chain artist royalties, on-chain contributions to registered charities and more.

MeDIA eYe has a lot to offer for everyone! We are working with artists in different digital genres, partnering with amazing creators.

This Holiday Season give an NFT, it makes a great gift and one that lasts a lifetime or contribute to charities or simply create your unique NFT collection.

Join MeDIA eYe for our Public Presale and IDO by registering here: Whitelist form. MeDIA eYe is here to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual. MeDIA eYe is NFTs UNBOUND!

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Name: Ericka Schwan



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