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Rene Perras Interviews with Martin Kepman, Manganese Visionary

Dallas, United States, 10/12/2021 / Top Wire News /

Martin Kepman, a manganese futurist, explains how cobalt will be replaced in the lithium-ion battery, electric vehicle and stored energy sectors.

Rene Perras speaks with Martin Kepman (CEO of Manganese X Energy Corp in New Brunswick), a junior mining firm.

Manganese X’s mission it to bring its 100%-owned Battery Hill project to production, in order to commercialize a manganese-rich deposit. This will allow for the supply of value-added materials to other alternative energy sectors.

The current lithium-ion battery market is heavily dependent on toxic cobalt. This metal is costly and often mined unjustly, mainly in the Congo. The environmental impact of cobalt mines may be greater than the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle,” states Mr. Kepman. “The race for a viable, large scale alternative to cobalt is critical to the electric car and other industries.” Manganese is the current leader. It has shown great potential in increasing the manganese content by eliminating and reducing cobalt.

Manganese X Energy Corp. Manganese X Energy Corp. is committed to providing a safe and ethically sourced supply of manganese by developing its manganese rich deposit near Woodstock New Brunswick. The Battery Hill Project.

Brian Way’s master’s thesis about the Woodstock manganese events, Battery Hill, states that the area “Hosts an array of banded Iron formations that collectively make up one of the most significant manganese resources of North America, approximately 194,000,000 tonnes.”

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