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FKI Fulfils Challenging Delivery amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Tainan, Taiwan, 10/12/2021 / Fong Kee International Machinery Co, Ltd. /

Created a reverse inspection online delivery

Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FKI”), Taiwan’s leading producer of plastic extrusion equipment, got an order of 5 million USD for extrusion lamination machines from an American customer, but due to traffic disruptions caused by lockdowns, the customer side was unable to send any technicians to Taiwan to do the pre-drilling. To fix the issues, FKI mobilised all of the factory staff and mounted 30 video cameras around the entire set of 30-meter-long equipment. Following the synchronisation of time differences, an online virtual delivery via videos began. FKI technicians revealed complex operations ranging from checking specifications to feeding raw materials to running production. An unparalleled online delivery with reverse inspection was completed successfully.

FKI presented this customer with a digital file containing detailed assembling instructions, thorough understanding of the machines, as well as drawings and texts of the production process, to accommodate such an online delivery. The customer could easily assemble the entire set without the need for additional assistance. After communicating for half a month, both parties were pleased with the completed delivery in this manner.

High-end technologies used in manufacturing processes

According to FKI CEO Charles Wei, “The sudden outbreak of the pandemic really caught us unprepared. From the beginning, we could only cope with the difficulties by using videos. The pandemic has brought us challenges, but also opportunities. Now we have used more advanced AR technologies to make our deliveries.” Charles Wei discovered that AR technologies could help save a lot of money on travel expenses, and that the delivery inspection conducted using AR has the same effect as the physical inspection. As a result of this acknowledgement, FKI began implementing cutting-edge technologies in all areas, including high-end IT design, big data, smart technology systems, and reinforced Industry 4.0. All of this will make customer maintenance easier.

To keep up with global environmental trends, FKI is upgrading all facilities, such as replacing polluting oil hydraulic systems with all-electric equipment. To reduce CO2 emissions, more eco – friendly production processes will be used in the future. While FKI hopes to achieve completely pollution-free manufacturing processes, the company is also committed to taking on broader social responsibilities.

Mr. C.C. Wei founded FKI 60 years ago. The primary objectives were to concentrate on exports, particularly to Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and the Philippines. Later, FKI was involved in the production of medium-high-level plastic extrusion equipment. Their product line consists of all-electric extrusion blow moulding machines and extrusion lamination machines, with the former accounting for more than half of their revenue. Extrusion blow moulding machines are widely used for manufacturing a wide range of containers with capacities ranging from 200cc shampoo bottles to 2,000-liter tanks.

Currently, FKI’s exports account for 95 percent of total revenue, spanning five continents and over 120 countries.

Serves customers with integrity; meets customers’ needs

According to Charles Wei, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all industries were hard hit last year and are still suffering, whereas FKI experienced remarkable growth. Thank you to those long-term customers who continued to support FKI despite the pandemic’s impact. This reflects customers’ approval of FKI’s excellent services and high-quality products. In the post-pandemic future, FKI intends to increase their manufacturing lines and develop medium-priced products in the anticipation that more customers around the world will be able to enjoy FKI’s quality products at competitive prices.

“From my father’s generation to my generation, Father has always said that the golden rule of running a business is trust and sincerity. It has always been in my mind that to treat every customer as our long-term cooperating partner,” Charles Wei added. With 60 years of high credibility, valuable export experience, extensive R&D, and customized products to serve customers sincerely, FKI has long gained customers’ trust.

Charles Wei added, “The key to manufacture high-quality equipment lies in its sturdiness and durability. An instant response to customers’ needs will certainly make customers evaluate his investment positively. When our customers are to replace their equipment, we expect that their first image to appear in their mind is FKI’s logo.”

With 60 years of experience in this industry, FKI continues to produce innovative technologies and provide customers with products that meet their needs, as well as excellent after-sales service. While working hard to live up to their slogan, “Quality goes first; R&D keeps abreast,” FKI will undoubtedly gain more customer support.

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