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Dr Plant follows the path of international development

Tokyo, Japan, 09/26/2021 / Beijing DR PLANT Biotechnology Co., Ltd. /

These days, a Chinese skin care brand launched in the COSME flagship store, the largest cosmetics store in Tokyo, Japan. Dr Plant’s alpine plant skin care products have attracted great attention from shop consumers, and “alpine Chinese medicine plants” have once again triggered a consumption boom. In fact, being the first Chinese cosmetics brand to enter the Japanese market, Dr Plant has been exploring the path of developing the brand overseas. The recent launch in the COSME flagship store in Tokyo is another innovative breakthrough in the international development of Dr Plant which is strengthening the overseas foothold of the brand.

As an outstanding national cosmetics brand, Dr Plant’s development vision is not limited to the domestic market, and the brand has already started putting its internationalization strategy into practice. On April 28, 2019, Dr Plant opened its first overseas directly-operated store in the Shinsaibashi Commercial Street in Osaka, Japan, becoming the only Chinese skin care brand to enter Japan, and thereby taking the first step of the overseas expansion of the brand. Over the past few years, Dr Plant has sticked to its international development strategy and continued to expand in international markets. At present, it has more than 4,200 specialty stores in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, and its global members have exceeded 12 million people. Dr Plant has also launched in the Singapore online market, continuously expanding in the international market, and becoming the benchmark for Chinese cosmetics going overseas.

In the international market, which is dominated by major international brands, Dr Plant has been enhancing its brand competitiveness through scientific research and innovation, and thereby managed to open up a niche for the brands growth. As the only Chinese skin care brand supported by national scientific research forces, Dr Plant and Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly established the “Dr Plant R&D Center” in 2014, which is led by Professor Pei Shengji, the founder of Chinese ethnobotany, as the chief scientist of the brand. In the Center, more than 20 young and middle-aged researchers and doctoral students from the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, use modern gene technology to decipher the unique skin care effects of alpine plants. At present, the “Dr Plant R&D Center” of the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed into four innovative R&D branches in Kunming (Yunnan), Beijing, Tokyo (Japan), and Shunde (Guangdong). Among them, the Hanfang Skin Care Scientific Research Center established in Tokyo, Japan, uses the essences of traditional Chinese skin care herbs, and based on the Japanese market conditions, specializes in researching Chinese skin care products that Japanese consumers love, thereby providing the brand with products demanded by the Japanese market.

Dr Plant’s entry into the Tokyo COSME flagship store is also inseparable from the high-quality products which make up the brand’s product portfolio. Product quality has always been the core of Dr Plant’s growth in the overseas markets. In the future international expansions of the brand, Dr Plant will continue to focus on research and development, and use diversified and high-quality alpine plant skin care products to conquer even demanding overseas consumers, making the world fall in love with Chinese cosmetics.

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