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Malaysia will finally buy Pakistani JF-17 fighter jets.

Islamabad, Pakistan, 09/24/2021 / Islamabad News Bureau /

Malaysia, following Myanmar, Nigeria, and Argentina, Plans to Buy Pakistani Fighter Jet JF-17 Thunder

Malaysia will finally buy Pakistani JF-17 fighter jets. It is worth noting that Argentina and Nigeria have recently placed orders for Pakistani JF-17 Block III fighters.

Pakistani strategic analysts on Twitter reported that the Royal Malaysian Air Force is signing an agreement with Pakistan to purchase JF-17 Block III fighters. Earlier in international media reports, it was said that the PAC fighter is one of the top contenders.

Huzaifa Farid, Pakistani journalist and strategic analyst tweeted on Tuesday that the JF-17 deal between Malaysia and Pakistan is ongoing.

“Pakistan’s third-generation JF-17 Thunder deal with Malaysia is on the way,” he stated, along with a photo of the PAC China JF-17.

If this is true, then it’s not surprising since the latest reports previously published in 2021 already indicated that the Pakistani JF-17 Block III is competing with its South Korean counterpart as the last two options the Malaysian administration has decided to purchase the aircraft from.

According to the EurAsian Times, the China-Pakistan JF-17 fighter and the Korean FA-50 are among the finalists.

“According to The Korea Times, Malaysian officials have confirmed that the Pakistani jet is competing with its South Korean counterpart for the requirement,” the news report stated.

“Despite interest from a diverse group of manufacturers, the FA-50 and JF-17 are the finalists,” an unidentified official told the Korean publication.

Later in the month of June, the leading defense technology news agency Defense News also reported that the Southeast Asian nation announced a long-awaited tender for a new light combat aircraft and advanced fighter trainer, three weeks after China was accused of sending 16 combat aircraft over the South China Sea near the Malaysian sky.

Malaysia was reportedly looking for 18 FLIT-LCA (Fighter Lead-In Trainer-Light Combat Aircraft)) aircraft to replace its old fleet with modern fighters.


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