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Small Start-ups Choose Rubyroid Labs as their Project Developer

Glen Mills, PA, United States, 09/14/2021 / Rubyroidlabs /

In recent times, it is founded that many small businesses use Ruby on Rails RoR because it gives them the ability to compete with big companies. Ruby on Rails development is preferred for startups and is also the first choice of many top tires. Many companies use Ruby on Rails development that are Basecamp, Shopify, Hulu, Kick starter, Airbnb, Goodreads, etc. There are many advantages because of which these big companies Ruby on Rails for the development of their big projects –

  1. Speed – Ruby programming language is clear, logical, has few lines of redundant code, and is simple, which results in accelerated development speed. Adding Rails helps developers save time while coding, because of which they are eligible to provide better solutions. As in this, less coding is done, which means that less time is spent on writing it, but the programming functionality remains the same.
  2. Cost-effective – As Ruby and Rails development takes less time and the development time is directly connected to the cost. The more expensive it becomes if it takes more time in development. But as Ruby and Rails development websites can be built and modified in less time, less money is spent on their creation and maintenance. A company that renders Ruby on Rails development services is set correctly because the application is properly designed, and so is its development process.
  3. Flexibility – business is all about new innovations, and RoR is so flexible that it allows websites to various updates. It also helps in removing various elements, or if necessary, it redefines them. It is an expressive language that also helps in solving one problem in many ways, which gives lots of freedom and opportunities to the developers of Ruby and Rails so that they can find the best solution for the project.
  4. Easily supported by different developers – this programming language is readable and is self-documenting. Ruby and Rails provide all sorts of integrations so that the project can meet its requirement. The project is well-structured, that if a new developer sees the project, and he will grab the details very quickly in a day.
  5. Massive resources and community – in the public domain, there are a large number of ready-made RoR solutions which are tested by some other party. Moreover, they have a friendly community that is very large in which all the developers of RoR help each other in which they announce new projects and discuss everything related to its framework.
  6. Scalability – from the many past, RoR has been known for its scalability problems compared to other programming languages. Last year they launched Rails 6, which has resolved many scalability issues, and it is now considered scalable by default. In addition, there are Ruby on Rails development apps developed recently that can launch multiple instances of the same code.
  7. High-data protection – there is news from various resources regarding the hacking of a user’s account, and due to this, cybersecurity is the main concern. RoR has great data protection capabilities, and apart from this, it contains password and credit card data encryption.
  8. High maintenance and reliability – for every business, it’s important to have stability, and due to this, RoR uses test-driven development approach and support, which has extensive testing capabilities. This means that the solutions which RoR creates can be maintained easily and are stable. The framework of the project is efficiently covered by automatic tests, which makes the project reliable.

Ruby and Rails development have access to a wide knowledge base because of which it gives a competitive edge to startups and small businesses.

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