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How to choose a great food truck meal? Read to know.

New York, NY, United States, 03/02/2021 / New York Food Truck Association /

You can enjoy food truck meals in two primary ways. The first one is ordering a full meal from one inspired food truck. And the second one is putting together a meal from various inspired food trucks. These two are great, tasty, and memorable options. They are the best choices for enjoying a happy and satisfying experience.

Many people often ask me about the food truck I have had the most unique meal, the best food truck meal, and my favorite food truck. It is hard for me to answer these questions because I have had several fantastic and memorable meals from multiple food trucks.

Some people own and operate multiple great trucks, so they have exceptional and wonderful meals. However, combining multiple options from 3 or more trucks has led to the most palate-pleasing and impressive experience for me. I have been at a food truck wedding and experienced amazing food, much more interesting than the usual sit-down formal meal.

Looking for the best food truck meal? If so, then use the following tips to choose either a meal from multiple food trucks or a single food truck.

How to Choose a Meal from a Single Food Truck

If you are just like me, then seeing several food trucks that are parked together at an event or on a street corner excites you. You know, The Pavlov reaction! I tend to love eating at the first food truck I see. However, I do not recommend you eat on the first truck you see.

Spend some time browsing. Go through the menus of multiple food trucks. Go through them twice. Before making a decision, I love going to multiple food trucks and looking at their menus. I always walk back past all of the food trucks a second time. I browse each food truck a few times to ensure I have seen the menus of all the food trucks. In the end, I always find that one special meal that whets my appetite and is the right one for my snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

However, I do not always follow this advice. I tend to eat at many food trucks. Therefore, I tend to eat from one food truck if there is only one food truck to choose from.

How to Choose a Meal from Multiple Food Trucks

Browsing all of the food trucks and looking at their menus is the first step to choosing a food truck meal. Put together a meal from 3 to 5 food trucks. But, this depends on the number of food trucks to select from.

The cost of the items on the menus of most food trucks is $2 to $5. Having the right combination of food trucks means the perfect food truck meal includes a beverage and smaller menu items. However, all these vary from food truck to food truck.

Therefore, consider the choices of appetizer, a dessert, a beverage, a side, and a small main course, such as an empanada, taco, or slider. If your belly is full from the other great choices, you can save some of them for later as a snack.

Sharing your choices with every food truck as you are moving from one food truck to another is not only fun. It is also socially engaging. Food trucks support each other. That is why they work closely together as a community. I have found that they love to make recommendations about other food trucks. Especially the ones whose menus compliment the items you just bought from them. They can even offer you items, complementing the items you purchased from another food truck.

It does not matter what you decide to do. It cannot be too bad. However, the best combination is to choose good food from great people who love what they are doing. You will find the best choices from these people.

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