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Personalised Baby Clothing Brand Offers Free Personalisation and Delivery for Orders within the UK

London, UK , 03/01/2021 / Cookie Dough Kids /

London, UK – Thanks to the internet finding personalised Kids Clothing isn’t difficult. There are many websites that sell personalised babies, toddlers, and kids’ clothing for highly competitive prices. However, Cookie Dough Kids has taken things one step further by announcing free personalisation for all baby and kids’ clothing. The free personalisation will include putting the baby’s name on the clothes in different fonts and colours. Additionally, the company has also announced that the clothes purchased worth £45 and above from the official store will be delivered free within the UK.

The popularity of customised kids’ clothing has skyrocketed in recent years. Today, more parents want to buy customised baby and toddler clothing than ever before. One reason for the increased demand is that personalised baby gifts, for instance, hold sentimental value. It also ensures that no two types of clothing look the same. The move away from so-called cookie-cutter designs is what has continued to fuel the market for customised baby clothing, especially in the UK, which is amongst the biggest markets in Europe for branded clothes.

Cookie Dough Kids

Readers can find out more about Cookie Dough Kids clothing and browse through the online store’s inventory by visiting

Talking about the company’s current selection of kids’ clothing, the owner and CEO for Cookie Dough Kids, Kirsty, said, “We presently have one of the largest selections of personalised kids clothing, sold online in the UK. Our clothing is made from the best materials, with the latest designs that can’t be found elsewhere. If anything, our clothes, regardless of if you buy baby grows, shorts, shirts, hoodies, are unique to our brand. However, we also give our buyers the option to customise the clothing they buy for free. The reason we offer it for free is that we want kids to wear clothes that stand out, which is why parents can customise it for free, with anything they want.”

When talking about the rising demand for personalised kids’ clothing, she added, “Demand for personalised clothing has always been high in our experience. It is just that in the past it has been expensive. However, we have proven that personalisation does not have to be expensive, and it does not have to look out of place. In fact, we offer parents many customisation options so that their kids’ clothes truly stand out.”

Speaking of free, Kirsty, the owner, and CEO of the brand, said that “free shipping is a way for us to encourage parents to buy their kids’ clothes online without having to worry about paying for shipping. Regardless of where you are in the UK, we will deliver the clothes to your doorstep for free.”

About Cookie Dough Kids

Cookie Dough Kids is owned and created by Kirsty, a creative entrepreneur with a passion for all things fashion. Kirsty uses her years of experience as a designer to design clothing for kids of all ages. Launched in 2018, Cookie Dough Kids is one of the fastest-growing small businesses online, fueled by the creator’s passion for kids clothing with handmade prints, unique designs, and personalisation options.


Name of Company – Cookie Dough Kids

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Phone: 07904372058

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