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Top Technologies Changing the Trucking and Semi Trailer Industries – Boxwheel Trailer Leasing

Henderson, CO, US, 02/16/2021 / Boxwheel Trailer Leasing /

As with all businesses, stakeholders in the transportation industry—from trucking companies to rental semi trailer providers to companies that transport their own goods—are continually looking for ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. For many, the answer is to implement new technologies as they become available.

Top Technologies Changing the Trucking and Semi Trailer Industries

If that’s your business, you’re in luck! It seems that transportation is currently experiencing a technology boom. New equipment, new apps, better leveraging of “big data” and other advances are improving operations in many areas including safety, maintenance and business administration.

What’s New in Truck and Semi Trailer Technology?

It seems like every day a new type of technology is announced as being in development, in testing, or ready for rollout. From our perspective at Boxwheel, here are some of the top advances that people driving trucks, renting semi trailers, or coordinating business activities should be aware of:

The Future is Bright for Trucking and Semi Trailer Companies

It will be some time before all these advancements and others are available to trucking and semi trailer companies. But it’s exciting to see what’s “coming down the pike” and to envision what the transportation industry will look like in the years ahead. It’s a safe bet that trucks, semi trailers and the systems for operating them will change more in the next decade than in the several decades prior.

For our part at Boxwheel, we closely follow the evolution of semi trailer technology so that we can make innovations available to our customers when they have been fully tested and are available at a reasonable price. If you have questions about our inventory of dry van trailers, liftgate trailers, flatbeds and refrigerated trailers for rent or lease, and our hassle-free, three-step process for getting the top-quality equipment you need, please contact us at your convenience.

About Boxwheel Trailer Leasing
Boxwheel Trailer Leasing was founded on the idea that leasing semi trailers doesn’t have to be complicated. Leveraging decades of experience in trailer leasing and sales, our team of industry veterans has eliminated the red tape and mountains of paperwork to make getting on the road with a leased, rented or purchased trailer easy, affordable, and safe.

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