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5 Essay Writing Services That Reddit Users Love (Best Essay Writing Sites According to Reddit)

As Reddit’s popularity continues to grow, discussions about essay writing services among redditors become more and more widespread.

Reddit is home to millions of active daily users and is one of the most popular online communities today. It’s viewed as one of the biggest discussion forums in the world. Everything, from AMAs, memes, news, and advice can be found here.

A significant percentage of the community on Reddit is made up of students, and it’s only natural that they discuss essay writing services often. Sometimes Reddit users ask the essay question directly on subreddits, or they get community feedback on which is the best essay writing service on Reddit.

With that in mind, here is a list of the best subreddits and the most popular essay writing services, according to the Reddit community.

Review of the Top 5 Most Reliable Essay Sites Today

1. PaperHelp

Paperhelp has been helping students since 2008 and is a respectable essay writing service. The hallmarks of Paperhelp is that it provides an individualized approach, original essay papers, and quick delivery.

Pricing is fairly reasonable, and you can get discounts on first orders. Reddit users can turn to Paperhelp for in-depth and technical analyses on essays, presentations, and more.

The quality of writing is good and should be more than enough to pass. Paperhelp is one of those who deliver on their 3-hour deadline promise.

Bob D. of Reddit mentioned one time how he was assigned a ‘pumped-storage hydroelectricity’ presentation and how the topic was very bland. A Reddit friend referred him to Paperhelp, which wrote a good paper about the subject.

Key Info About PaperHelp:

  • Price: $10

  • ENL and ESL writers

  • 3-hour deadline

2. ExpertWriting

Reddit lists ExpertWriitng as an excellent essay writing service for papers of any difficulty. The papers offered include High School to Ph.D. academic levels and term papers, research papers, and application essays.

As far as quality is concerned, ExpertWriting is top-notch. All work is created from scratch and even includes a plagiarism report. Prices start at $9, which isn’t the cheapest, but no further editing is needed.

Aside from original essays, clients get paper formatting and the help of expert US editors and writers. Furthermore, there’s an open communication channel for support via email, chat, and phone.

Jessica T., a Reddit user, said she isn’t a regular client of Reddit essay paper writing services, but she often feels overwhelmed from time to time. To this end, she depends on to get her papers submitted. Jessica is satisfied with the quality and the fact that the papers are free of plagiarism.

Key Info About ExpertWriting:

  • Price: $9.00

  • 3-hour deadline

  • ESL & ENL writers

3. GradeMiners

GradeMiners remains a valued essay writing platform up to this day and is considered a very popular Reddit essay writing service, guaranteeing remarkable results. The site boasts original writing, a money-back guarantee, and 100% confidentiality.

The essay papers written are from experienced professionals that can create a variety of topics, from high school work (presentation, lab reports, and short essays) to Ph.D. dissertations and the like.

97% of assignments are delivered on time, and standard prices start at $13.28. GradeMiners has a special price of $11.29 on first orders.

One Reddit user, John B. stated that while he hasn’t used an essay writing service before, it became necessary as he was on a tight deadline and needed to write a Philosophy paper. In the end thanks to using a Reddit essay writing service, he managed a ‘B’ and avoided having to retake the course.

Key Info About GradeMiners:

  • Price: $13.28

  • ESL and ENL writers

  • 3 Hour Deadline

4. 99Papers

99Papers is all about quality papers for cheap, which makes it one of the best out there. Reddit users frequently comment on 99Papers, referring to it as a reliable writing service that charges a fair fee.

The writing service has a unique feature that allows clients to discuss the paper with their writers. Privacy is all but ensured due to the site’s anonymous communication, secure payment, and personal data protection aspects.

When it comes to price, 99Papers is hard to beat. The Reddit community often comment on the quick delivery and base price, which is affordable even without the discounts.

Mary A., a Reddit user, mentioned how she wasn’t satisfied with the service at first but then received a free revision. The end result was “perfection,” and she received 95% and compliments from her professor.

Key Info About 99Papers:

  • Price: $9.95

  • ESL and ENL writers

  • 3 Hour Deadline

5. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper has a variety of both ENL and ESL editors and writers who can take care of academic papers. The site covers all disciplines from graduate school to high school.

As with all other Reddit-approved essay services, SpeedyPaper boasts 100% original content and reliability. Add-ons, including unlimited revisions, plagiarism checks, title pages, and formatting are free of charge, which is a nice bonus.

Reddit user Samuel A. testified how someone in Reddit recommended speedypaper. He tried it and has been using the essay writing platform ever since. He comments on how EssayBox has top quality, good prices, and has a fast turnaround time.

Key Info About SpeedyPaper:

  • Price: $12

  • 3-hour deadline

  • Free Add-ons

Subreddits That Can Help Write Essay Papers

Reddit is a community of millions, and chances are that there’s a subreddit for just about anything.

Delving into the forums reveals plenty of essay writing services subreddits for students. They’re cheaper compared to essay writing service platforms and can prove to be more convenient for some.

There are subreddits that have dozens of writers ready to help anytime a fellow user needs it. Posting a job is easy- log in, create a post that outlines the project, and wait for the PMs and offers from those who are interested.

There are a few downsides to having an essay paper written on Reddit. One is that there are scammers and unprofessional writers. Essay papers are assigned to random Reddit users, which in itself has its own set of downsides.

Finding a writer with good writing skills and relevant knowledge on subreddits could be tricky, but it’s possible. One way to determine quality is to ask for samples first and choose long-standing accounts with high karma.

8 Top Subreddits for Essay Help

1. r/HomeworkHelp

A friendly subreddit that offers Reddit users help with their homework. Instead of writing the essay paper or assignment, the folks here help students understand the subject or material better.

This can prove handy when students want to write their own papers but don’t know where to begin.

2. r/PaperMarket

PaperMarket’s guidelines are impressive, and so is the custom help they provide. The subreddit community has a variety of services, including academic assignments, case studies, research papers, and essays.

The process is similar to any subreddit- submit an offer with details on how the paper should be written, which will be reviewed and approved. Communication is done one-to-one, and lastly, the subreddit has a review system to promote confidence and service quality.

3. r/stressays

The subreddit that’s committed to helping students get difficult projects out of the way. Offers start coming the moment a post is added to the forum, with potential writers outlining the details of the paper they’ll write.

To attain a higher chance of getting high-quality papers, it’s recommended to include as much detail as possible. Furthermore, the requirements, e.g., subject, word count, deadline, topic, and price should be clearly stated.

4. r/DoMyHomework

r/domyhomework is a general homework community that offers help to Reddit users and can complete essays, online exams, and whatnot. The subreddit is dedicated to quality and has a strict policy pertaining to writers who submit low-quality work. The community’s reputation is stellar, and students can depend on it to get their assignments done the right way.

5. r/HomeworkCentral

A relatively new subreddit that keeps on growing, HomeworkCentral is exactly as it sounds – a community that can provide Reddit users quality content for a reasonable price.

Here, students can ask for just about any type of homework, from editing and writing to getting help with upcoming exams. Moderators are always on hand to maintain quality, a feature that makes it one of the most popular among Redditors.

6. r/HandmadeWriting

HandmadeWriting is a subreddit from the company with the same name. Reddit users are not allowed to post on the platform, and it’s mostly used to direct traffic to external websites. The official website does not post as much in ads or content either.

7. r/Essay_Writing_Service

Essay Writing Service is managed by PaperTakers, among the most active platforms in Reddit. The subreddit promotes its own writers while bashing others and showcases its own website frequently.

8. r/ThePaperBay

An active, small community on Reddit. Before, it was a place where students could get help writing their essays but has long devolved into self-marketing posts and spam.

The only upside is that you can get help quickly when you need a writer on short notice.

Honorable Mentions

Adam Huler. One of the Reddit founders of essay writing services, he has a strong reputation and hundreds of positive reviews.

AbrahamEssays. A trustworthy service that markets mainly thru self-promotion. Reviews from satisfied customers indicate it’s an essay paper subreddit that provides good service.

PrescottPapers. A once-active subreddit, but sadly no longer. At its height, it built a powerful brand image using fake reviews.

Choosing the Right Reddit Essay Writing Service FAQ

There are a few factors that separate good essay writing services on Reddit from bad ones. Look past the tempting offers and how subreddits, Reddit writers, and companies market their services and start with these:

Q: Is the Writer a Native English Speaker?

A: It’s important to check and see if the writer is a native speaker, as non-native ones usually leave a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Before agreeing to an order, students must ask for a sample of the writer’s work. The best essay writing platforms (even on Reddit) will have writers who have a Ph.D., MSc, or MA for guaranteed results.

A reputable website will assign the writer who is most knowledgeable about the topic or subject matter. Even when looking for an essay writer on Reddit, it’s important to determine whether he or she is a native speaker or risk having to edit the final piece.

Q: Are the Prices Stated?

A: The best essay writing sites will be transparent, especially when it comes to rates. Those that offer a free quote or essay content calculator are generally better as students will know how much they need to pay to get an essay paper.

It’s important to note that the shorter the deadline and the more difficult the work, the higher the cost of service. Reputable companies will usually have a form of discount or promotion to entice new customers or get previous clients to return.

On Reddit, agree on a price before shaking hands and negotiate when appropriate.

Q: Does It Have 24/7 Support?

A: 24/7 team support is always a welcome feature in an essay writing website. Reputable companies will have one or more ways customers can communicate with them- by email, phone, or online chat.

Other companies may have chat widgets or even apps that can connect to customer support for questions and concerns.

Q: Does It Have Good Reviews?

A: It’s considered good practice to check a company’s reviews before agreeing to work with them. Feedback and reviews are good indications of whether a service is trustworthy or not – the same applies to the quality of the work.

Glowing 5-star reviews and perfect standings could be a sign of manipulation. Remember, even the best essay writing services will have a negative review or two.

Q: Do the Writers Have the Experience to Write About the Subject?

A: Students must verify if the essay writing company has been around the block a long time before they register for an account. This can be done by checking the WHOIS data to see the registration date and how long the site has been operating.

Older companies will usually offer better essay writing services and more writers compared to younger sites.

Finding a reputable writer who can do a good job can prove to be difficult. In this case, students can ask for referrals from friends or make a list of the most popular ones and go from there.

Finding a solid writer on Reddit can also be a hit-or-miss, especially when the voting system can be easily manipulated. If this is the case, then the best thing to do is ask for samples and look up the Redditor’s tenure and karma points.


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