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The Top 5 Legit Essay Writing Services in the U.S. (According to the Survey)

A new survey conducted by review company has revealed the five most popular essay writing services among the U.S. students.

A new survey conducted by review company has revealed the five most popular essay writing services among the U.S. students.

The challenges of juggling student life and other responsibilities can prove quite cumbersome and stressful. Faced with the pressing needs of different social and extracurricular obligations, you may not have the time needed to give your essays and projects optimum attention and this could have a negative impact on your academic performance. Students need writing help for different reasons. For instance, many of them simply don’t have enough time to deal with countless writing assignments. College and university students live stressful lives. They have to attend classes, prepare for exams, and participate in extracurricular activities.

Besides, many students have part-time jobs so that they can pay tuition fees, and many students also have families. Writing assignments can take a lot of time so there’s no surprise that students often choose to delegate these tasks to professional writers.

However, finding the best essay writing services can be challenging as new services keep springing up and some do not deliver on the quality of professional services promised. review site conducted an anonymous survey where they asked 5,000 U.S students what essay writing services they used and why. According to the survey, the most popular companies were:

  • PaperHelp – 1785 (35.18%)

  • ExpertWriting – 1,191 (23.82%)

  • SpeedyPaper – 904 (18.08%)

  • GradeMiners – 604 (12.26%)

  • 99Papers – 381 (7.62%)

  • Other essay writing services (3.04%)

Here’s more information about the most popular essay writing services in the U.S.:


    According to the survey, Paper Help ranks number one among the college essay writing services. Paper Help is a proficient and reliable online paper writing service with degreed writers who ensure an individualized writing approach to all your papers and essays. Paper Help guarantees 100% anonymity, plagiarism-free papers, and a timely delivery period starting from 3 hours. In addition, they also have a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality of work delivered.


      ExpertWriting provides students with quality academic writing services, as well as editing and proofreading services. They offer their services with a deadline as early as three hours if you need it, with 24/7 customer support, and the added benefit of free revisions to make any necessary corrections. They also have a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the quality of service or delivery, and they offer information about their price list.


        SpeedyPaper is one of the top essay writing services that offer a wide range of writing services from essays, dissertations to thesis, and even to cover letters and applications. They deliver for all academic levels, and they produce high-quality essays and services to their clients in a short time. There is also a 24/7 customer support service and a discount code for new customers, which is 11% lower than the average discount on the market.


          With over 3,500 seasoned experts and 10-year experience in the writing business, GradeMiners is among the top writing services for any research paper writing help. From Law to Literature to almost any academic discipline, you can be sure that there is an expert that can take care of your needs. Also, 97% of assignments are delivered on time, and there is also a money-back guarantee if you are sure that a writer did not follow your order details.


            99Papers stands out with carefully selected professional academic writers and editors. They offer 100% original content, which can be double-checked for originality. With a comprehensive price list and a money-back guarantee, you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of service or delivery. They also have a fast turnaround time of 3 hours and offer discounts to long-term members.

            Essay Writing Services FAQ

            Are essay writing services legal?

            The answer is yes. Essay writing services are completely legal, registered, and set up according to their various jurisdictions’ laws. They also provide terms of service which every customer agrees to before being granted any service. Within these terms of service, it is spelled out clearly that what is being provided for the students are model answers or samples which are meant to aid the students as they write their own original papers. Tutors are quite busy people who may not have the time to properly guide students through the rigors and complexities of essay writing or completing research papers. And this is exactly why these writing services are set up.

            However, while they are entirely legal and not in violation of any written law, most institutions do frown on the idea of passing off another’s work as your original intellectual child’s. So the ethical burden to responsibly use these model samples provided to you still exists, but nobody will arrest you if you go ahead to submit these model samples as yours. You must ensure that any essay writing service employed has strong privacy policies that could never disclose their users.

            What is a good essay writing service?

            A good essay writing service is an online writing company that provides its customers with customizable high-quality papers and essays. The end product is tailored to meet the client’s peculiar needs, such as page length, academic level, deadlines, and grade requirements in some instances. A good essay writing service must ensure 100% anonymity in dealing with customers and provide plagiarism-free content, all within contract time.

            In addition, a good essay writing service offers its services at affordable prices and for good value, with substantial discounts for new and old members. Many good essay writing services also have the option of a money-back guarantee so that you can request a refund in instances where you are not happy with the service delivered. When hiccups occur, you must also ensure the service has 24/7 customer support ready to meet your needs and maintain communication with any chosen writer.

            A good essay writing service will also have an impeccable reputation. So watch out for the quality of the reviews, not just on their website but also on other websites that rate and review these services.

            Who can write my essays for me?

            Most essay writing services hire professionals and graduates who are English native speakers with degrees. Some websites hire writers with English as a second language, but they showcase a mastery and proficiency that you wouldn’t spot the difference. These writers also pass through strict tests to ascertain their level of expertise in their respective fields, such as literature, medicine, law, engineering, etc. They are also tested to see how well they can deliver despite time constraints since some of these services provide for a turnaround time of as little as three hours.

            You have to be very selective when choosing an essay writing service to ensure that not just anybody gets to write or handle your research papers or term projects. Some websites provide samples of model essays written by their professional writers. This is an excellent way to weigh their writers’ general professionalism and the quality of works you will receive. Also, some websites allow you to communicate with your chosen writer before executing a contract. You can ask a few questions like the writer’s background and qualifications before going ahead with the contract.

            Is buying essays online safe?

            The answer is yes, as long as you have chosen the right essay writing service. The fear entertained by most students regarding the safety of buying papers online is valid since submitting a plagiarised essay or content will prove costly and have severe repercussions for the student. It becomes crucial that you ensure that you have chosen a top-tier writing service with a guarantee of 100% originality and unique content. Many writing services also run their essays through plagiarism checkers before delivering to their customers, although they may incur extra charges.

            Another fear students entertain when buying essays online is if their personal information will be kept private and confidential. This is very important to students, and the promise of 100% anonymity on all contracts undertaken is another feature you must look out for when choosing an essay writing service. You must ensure that such a company has rigorous privacy policies and would never divulge your private information, no matter the circumstance. Once these requirements are met, you have nothing to fear when making any purchase online for your essays and research papers.

            Are essay writing services legit?

            Yes, most essay writing services are legit and will deliver good value for your money; however, you must be sure that you are dealing with a top-notch essay writing service with an impeccable reputation. One way to ensure the genuineness of any writing service you choose to employ would be to consider its proven track record and review rating. Stay away from companies with very low or less than average prices and underwhelming reviews as this could be an easy pointer they will not deliver on their promised service.

            Be sure to choose a high-quality essay writing service that hires only professionals and experts in their chosen fields to handle your essays and term papers. You do not want just anybody handling your essays and research papers, especially when they can have such a crucial impact on your grades.

            Most legit essay writing services have a free trial period where you can test run the quality of their services and use your money-back guarantee in cases where you are not satisfied with their delivery.

            How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service

            There are many legitimate essay writing services out there for people who need them – and know how to find them. If you are spending too much time worrying about writing essays instead of actually writing them, then you could do with the help of these professional paper writers.

            We’ve put together five tips to help you find the best essay writers for you. You’ll be happy to hear that reputable companies do an excellent job with your paper and guarantee you get a good grade. With all that said, here are our to tips;

            Don’t be swayed by hard selling

            Every company, website, or service provider, no matter their industry, will do anything they can to make you buy from them. These are businesses looking to make money, after all, so it’s only sensible they make every effort to convince you to hire them to write your essay online.

            We expect you’ll run into many websites like this. The problem is that many of these websites rely too heavily on hard selling. They do everything they can to convince you they offer the best services when the reality is much different. Not only do these services always claim to be the best, but they go so far as to discourage students and make them stop believing in themselves.

            For example, we’ve seen websites telling students that they will fail if they try to write the essay themselves. They do this to make students believe they have no choice but to hire the service. Students start to look down on themselves and question their ability, discouraged from even trying to practice and improve their essay writing skills in the future.

            The best service is one that won’t try to tear you down. Don’t hire an essay writing service that tells you that you aren’t good enough to write an essay yourself.

            Cheaper isn’t always better

            As great as it would be to live in a world with free essay writing services, that’s not the world we live in. You get what you pay for with essay writing services. If you want someone to write an essay for you, you should be ready and willing to pay them to do it.

            Given that you can’t get a free paper written for you, you might look for the cheapest option instead. Cheaper isn’t always better, and choosing a cheap provider means getting a bad quality essay. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you see a website offering top quality papers with quick delivery for cheap, chances are you’ll end up with a plagiarized paper.

            See what writing styles they offer

            You need more than an essay writing service that offers well-written papers; you need one that creates excellent papers in the style you need. The best essay writing services hire multiple people capable of writing in different styles. If you find a service that only deals with one particular type of essay, then it’s likely not going to be a good fit.

            Check the guarantees

            Look for an essay writing service that offers multiple guarantees to clients. These guarantees ensure that you have the advantage if something goes wrong, such as low-quality papers, plagiarism, or late delivery. Look for money-back guarantees to protect you if something goes wrong, and don’t forget to check the customer service.

            You can’t get help from a company if their customer service department is lacking and there’s no one there to hear you. Great companies have full customer service and 24/7 support to assist you at any time of day. Don’t settle for anything less than complete round-the-clock support and guaranteed quality.

            Check the reviews

            What’s the first thing you do when buying something from Amazon or eBay? Is it checking the reviews? You should treat essay writing services in the same way. You should check reviews for services before hiring them. You can expect to have a similar experience to other users, meaning reviews are a great way to check the legitimacy of service and see how good they really are.

            It’s easy to find online reviews for essay writing services. Read through reviews from former customers to see if there are common issues you might face. You can learn anything you need to know about a service from people who have used it before you.


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