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Sajmsul Salim to Become Halmahera Resources’ Senior Vice President for Environmental Protection

Halmahera Resources is working on reducing its environmental impact

Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia, 12/11/2020 / /

Halmahera Resources, a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates, is pleased to announce that it held a meeting of the Board of Directors. At the meeting the management team presented a long-term environmental program along with proposed initiatives for regular monitoring of production facilities for wear and tear and for natural habitat. Valuable contributions and proposals were also received from board members.

“Sustainable development and environmental protection in the regions where the company operates are among our key priorities. Our environmental program has entered an enhanced phase, and there is a considerable amount of work ahead. Halmahera Resources is working on reducing its environmental impact. Today we face greater challenges relevant for everyone around the globe — climate change and its impact on the region and our operations. To address these, we have set up an independent Environmental Task Team of the Board of Directors. This will be utilizing the services of independent specialized firms and other resources to assist in investigating current issues and monitoring progress to ensure world class delivery of our environmental programs”, said the Chairman and CEO of Halmahera Resources’ Board of Directors, Hashim T. Panigoro.

The management team included Sajmsul Salim as Halmahera Resources’ Senior Vice President, who will oversee the company’s sustainable development efforts. Mr. Salim has considerable experience in dealing with ESG matters and is well positioned to coordinate activities across the various stakeholder groups. In addition, the post of deputy director for ecology will be introduced in the Loacal Division of Halmahera Resources.

Commenting on his appointment, Sajmsul Salim said that Halmahera Resources plans to step up its cooperation with local and foreign researchers and specialized organizations focused on ecology to jointly study the local environment and find solutions to improve industrial safety in the region. “Our joint efforts based on transparency will provide us with the most advanced solutions, while also contributing to the protection of nature,” said Sajmsul Salim.

About Halmahera Resources

Halmahera Resources takes pride in being a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates. Its primary objective is producing high-grade nickel at its Halmahera Project in South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. As a byproduct of nickel mining, the company also produces cobalt, rhodium, selenium, tellurium, sulphur and other products. The Halmahera Resources’ core operations are prospecting, exploration, mining, concentration and processing of minerals along with the production, marketing and sales of non-ferrous metals. The company views firm commitment to the principles of social and environmental responsibility as a prerequisite for its sustainable and effective development.

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