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HoomBand Reviews – Wireless Headphones for Sleep Enhancement

New York, NY, 11/23/2020 / marketreportcenter /

HoomBand is a head wrap that offers wireless headphones to wear while sleeping or for a comfortable way to listen to music and audio. The device wraps around the entire head, including the forehead and ears, while in use.

What is HoomBand?

For consumers that struggle to fall asleep, the pharmaceutical industry has come up with many options. There are medications, supplements, aromatherapy, and better pillows. However, nothing is quite as relaxing as listening to the right music to let the mind wander into the dreaming world. Rather than letting music go to high volumes around the home to get an immersive experience, the HoomBand is a bit more personal.


HoomBand connects to the source of the audio over a Bluetooth connection, allowing users to control the device from their smartphone with the corresponding app. Users will have access to all of the audio content on the app, which are all meant to promote improvements in sleep. Some of the content includes the natural noises in the world, like white noise and ASMR recordings, while others focus on inward reflection with hypnotic stories and guided meditation. In total, the app offers over 100 hours of audio to check out, and they are available in offline mode to avoid using a Wi-Fi connection.

Apart from all of the useful audio, consumers get the comfortable HoomBand. The earphones within the fabric are flat, ensuring that they are comfortable to sleep on with the 3D foam that supports the ears. Plus, with the ventilation, it won’t cause the user to become hot or sweaty at night. If the material becomes dirty or needs regular washing to be clean, the fabric can safely go into a washing machine without the wireless headphones.

Users that want to listen to audio outside of the app will have no problem. Anything that users play from a phone or tablet can be played through the headphones, and they are compatible with any audio-playing smartphone app. With over 50,000 customers already, consumers can purchase the HoomBand while it is still new to the public.

HoomBand Wireless Headphones

Purchasing HoomBand

For one HoomBand, the total cost is $79.90, plus the $5.99 shipping fee. However, getting a night of relaxing music to rest with isn’t just for one member of the family, which is why there are several other packages offered too.

Other packages include:

Since this product may not work for everyone (based on comfort, nightly needs, etc.), users are given a 100-day return policy to get their money back if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About HoomBand

What smartphones can HoomBand be linked to?

Users can sync HoomBand to any mobile phone or smartphone; all it needs is a Bluetooth connection. The app itself doesn’t work on all devices. Instead, users with at least an Android 4.5 or an iOS 10 should be able to download it. Even if the user isn’t connected to the internet, the app will still allow the user to play audio.

How long does HoomBand need to charge?

Users can plug in the mini-USB charging cable to the device and a power source for two hours to charge the battery. After two hours, HoomBand will work for up to 10 hours.

What happens when the audio is done playing from the app?

Whenever the user chooses one of the meditations or stories from the app, it will shut down upon completion. Users that choose a white noise loop or a soundscape will continue to play throughout the night to prevent other noises from waking them.

Can the HoomBand be used by children?

Yes, but only to an extent. Users should be at least 12 years old to use this device. Exposure to sound for hours while sleeping is not safe for younger ears, and parents should limit their older children in the same way that they would with regular headphones.

How can consumers ensure that they will get the right size for their HoomBand?

Presently, there are two sizes – S and M/L. The S size will fit heads that are 22 inches or less in circumference, while the M/L size is for anyone above this measurement. Users can wrap a measuring tape around their head, going over both ears, the nap of the neck, and the forehead to measure where the HoomBand should fit.

If the user finds that they have other questions about the HoomBand, they can send an email to


The HoomBand is a useful nighttime accessory for anyone that enjoys good music at night and likes to hear relaxing tones as they sleep. The Bluetooth-enabled headphones are meant to work directly with the app, but users can play any audio on their smartphone to get the most out of this product. With high-quality speakers and several sizes offered, consumers can discreetly listen to their most-wanted music was they fall asleep.


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