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The e-commerce expert Luca Valori confirms in 2020, the trend for online shopping and social media..

The e-commerce expert Luca Valori confirms: in 2020, the trend for online shopping and social media marketing is positive.

DUBAI, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10/14/2020 / Published PR /

The e-Commerce and the Social Media Marketing are sectors in constant growth, with ample opportunities to expand, and 2020 is giving us a glimpse of that growth potential.

That is why Luca Valori – a young entrepreneur defined by Forbes Italia as one of the leading online marketing experts – decided to create some of the most relevant courses in the world on e-commerce and social media marketing.

Observing that these niches are a real trend nowadays, it is easy to understand why Luca Valori had a turnover of over $ 3,000,000 in the first six months of 2020. These positive numbers have allowed Luca to create a network of over 6,000 students, most of which are making a profit as well.

There is a positive trend also in the “Valori Luca International” team, that has reached over 30 employees, with salary peaks for the Head of Sales of $ 70,000 per month. Staggering figures that are expected to grow 80% in 2021.

These figures may seem unbelievable and not achievable for most people, but Luca Valori is keen to clarify: “Thanks to my courses, these numbers are now accessible to everyone, and thanks to ongoing assistance, my students can count on constant support during their path”.
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