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Paraben Corporation: Understanding the Evaluation of The Authenticity of Cell Phone Forensics

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Dated: 01 July 2020

A seminar was organized on 29 June 2020 on understanding the evaluation of the authenticity of Cell phone forensics. All the participants had in-depth knowledge about the work in connection with the retrieving of valuable information from a particular mobile phone. The objective was to know, the efficiency or supremacy of the skilled professional in their respective field. Nowadays, a lot of crime is taking place through a digital format. Using smart phones means that a lot of information is stored and then later on, siphoned to carry out a particular work.

In this, seminar, the aim was to know more about knowing the success rate of the professional in examining the mobile phone. Rather than just using the different tools in conducting the examination. For this, a small exercise was initiated. Where, the role of the professional was to execute the process of examining the evidence. Then seeing how well, the participants are answering the questions that get raised during the investigation. In this exercise, a time frame of approximately two hours was also set-in. This will determine the capability of the professional in deciphering the valuable information on carrying out the detailed investigation of the digital device.

In carrying out any type of investigation, the investigating officer faces a series of obstructions. Like –

On carrying out a Cell phone forensics work, there are several difficulties which the concerned person faces like –

Expert is to understand the smart ways of using different tools in collecting the information from different gadgets.

It is agreed that none of the Cell phone forensics is a hundred per cent accurate and will also perform superbly all the time. Having said this, researchers can evaluate the performance of the branch of study by knowing the limits of the professional. For instance, the fingerprint expert is shown a couple of fingerprints, then asked if they match or not. Over here, the seasoned player makes use of multiple ways and combining the solutions of it, gives out the most authentic finding.

The participants of this seminar raised several questions about the simulation exercises that the company undertakes. Representatives of the company answered that quite real scenarios are taken into consideration. Now, the professional is just required to download the image, and then examine with the desired type of software tool. Later on, reply to the series of questions. Like –

All the professionals, irrespective of the public or private sector connection, can make use of the different hard drive or the varied type of mobile phone examinations for concluding the official duties. The seminar was organized with the aim that how efficiently; the role of Digital forensic tools is carried out for strangling the work of the scrupulous person.

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