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InfiSense Launches New LoRaWAN IoT Software to Power Businesses with Sensor Data for $1/Month

Open API Enables Businesses to Drive Data from any Low-Cost, Long-Life, Long-Range LoRaWAN Device into any Application and Quickly Meet Demand for Remote Monitoring.

Boston, MA, United States, 04/01/2020 / /

InfiSense, an IoT data infrastructure company, today announced the release of its revolutionary new software platform, allowing businesses to easily integrate data from sensors in the real world with any analytical and business intelligence applications they choose, for only $1/month per device.

The timing of this release is essential given the current crisis facing the world, as the need for and value of reliable, remote, real-time monitoring has never been more clear. “We pushed this release up by a month to meet demand in an unprecedented time,” said CEO Tim Guiterman. “We’re hearing from college campuses, institutions, hospitality industries, and the businesses that provide software and services to these facilities. They are all looking for immediate ways to monitor the thousands of dorms, offices, lab freezers and hotel rooms that will be empty or unstaffed for months on end, with a huge risk for costly, unforeseen problems.” InfiSense allows the quick, low-touch deployment of sensing to any space, enabling business owners, authorities and service providers a way to quickly reconfigure, repurpose and enhance their infrastructure while keeping headcount and maintenance low. “For $1/month per device we can help them prevent mold by monitoring temperature and humidity, quickly stop leaks, and get an alert if a room is occupied when it shouldn’t be, just to name a few,” said Guiterman. “Even more pressing is the need to ensure negative pressure in rooms at hospitals and makeshift facilities never intended to operate under those conditions.”

The software release comes with simple pricing of $1/month per device that includes device parshing and configuration, contextual tagging, API data access, streaming data, alerts, and data storage. InfiSense also bundles network connectivity for its customers and re-sells best-in-breed sensors from 3rd party manufacturers around the world. “Businesses need monitoring data immediately, and we equip them with a solution that works out of the gate,” Guiterman said. “And our customers can easily and affordably add more sensors and tackle new and nagging problems with no additional integration costs.”

For years, businesses have tried to take advantage of the emergence of low cost, long-life wireless sensors to drive out costs, reduce risk, increase efficiency, improve sustainability and much more – but are forced to spend significant time and money to custom develop complicated one-off integrations just to get that data into their applications and analytics tools. “For businesses, their starting line is that gauge, widget or mind-blowing chart and insight created with data from disparate sensors,” said Martin Bures, InfiSense Co-founder and Director of Engineering. “And as pretty as those charts might look, there was a long, winding poorly-lit dirt path to get there. InfiSense just cut and paved a straight, floodlit, four-lane highway for your data.”

InfiSense enables reliable, wireless monitoring deep indoors and outdoors by leveraging state-of-the-art Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology. Businesses that have long struggled to get data from hard-to-reach places can now sense any environment for any use case with low-cost, long-range, low power wireless sensors that can run for 3-7+ years and can communicate for miles to a single gateway, where the data is then sent to InfSense’s cloud software. InfiSense connects, configures, contextualizes and unifies data from any qualified LoRa sensor on any LoRaWAN network and serves it up on an open API, giving its customers the freedom to use the data in any business intelligence tool, software platform or application.


About InfiSense

InfiSense represents the easiest way for businesses to integrate real-time, wireless sensing data into their software, analytics, services, and workflows. With InfiSense’s software, companies can connect, configure, contextualize and unify data from disparate IoT sensors and access via open API for immediate use in business intelligence tools, software platforms, apps, and machine learning analytical tools. Today, businesses can finally digitize any physical environment with a revolutionary sensing technology called LoRaWAN, using any qualified long-range, long-life, wireless sensor and any LoRaWAN network, and immediately have that data in their application tools of choice. InfiSense frees its customers to focus on what they do best, and not waste money and time developing technology far outside of their core business.

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