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Broden Mickelsen Answer Important Questions About White Collar Crime

Dallas area attorneys, Broden & Mickelsen, publish two new blogs that answer the public’s questions on key white-collar crime topics

Dallas, TEXAS, USA, 11/12/2019 / /

Dallas, Texas /  November 12, 2019 / — Broden & Mickelsen, experienced criminal defense attorneys serving the Dallas area, have announced the recent release of two additional articles to their professional website blog. As a trusted voice in white-collar criminal defense, Broden & Mickelsen touch on the subjects of white-collar crime in the corporate environment. 

“White collar crimes cost corporations billions of dollars a year, and this is in the United States alone,” said Dallas criminal defense lawyer at Broden & Mickelsen. “Due to the very nature of white-collar crimes, it can take a long time for any evidence to rise to the surface. Corporations have become more proactive in taking steps to fight against unethical behavior in their organization.”

In their blog titled How Businesses Can Protect Against White Collar Crime, Broden & Mickelsen discuss the measures that corporations are taking to fight back against white-collar crime and point out the typical white-collar perpetrator doesn’t always fit the standard criminal profile. In a second blog titled Should You Self Report a Known Corporate Crime?, Broden & Mickelsen discuss the role of whistleblowers and the protections offered to them. 

“Whistleblowers save corporations and the government from the devastating effects of white-collar crimes,” Attorney Mick Mickelsen added. “It’s important to fully understand the protections provided to whistleblowers under state and federal law. This is true for both those in the position to report unethical activity, and for the corporations, whistleblowers work for.”

White collar crime is a complex area of criminal law. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a white-collar criminal investigation, or have questions about the law, it’s important that you reach out to one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the Metro Dallas area. Broden & Mickelsen is available to help and answer your questions about white-collar crimes and other areas of criminal defense law. 


Broden & Mickelsen are a team of criminal defense attorneys representing the Dallas area. With more than 50 years of combined experience in criminal and appellate law, Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have earned multiple accolades and awards, including being awarded Thomson Reuter’s Texas Super Lawyer every year for more than a decade. For more information or a consultation, contact the office of Broden & Mickelsen at 214-720-9552.

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