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Entrepreneur Launches Book To Help People Perform A Life Pivot

Book Title: Life Pivot – How do you answer the question: “what should I do with the rest of my life?”

44 West Broadway Henleaze, Bristol, BRISTOL Bs94tb, united kingdom , 07/15/2019 / /

Book Title: Life Pivot – How do you answer the question: “what should I do with the rest of my life?”

Brad is a Bristol-based entrepreneur and well known in the city as an entrepreneurial leader and a mentor and coach to many. He has started lots of businesses.

Brad is familiar with the entrepreneurial concept of gathering data and then pivoting onto a better path. In his book Life Pivot, he takes a similar approach to all of life to address the question, “Why are 87% of people not flourishing in what they do?” How do you answer the question, “what should I do with the rest of my life”?

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Life Pivot Book

A 2013 Gallup poll found that 87% of people felt little emotional connection to what they do as a job. That is a real problem if you spend 2/3 of your life working. What we do in life matters to us and those we love. Maybe it is time for a Life Pivot.

We want to see individuals take hold of their uniqueness and align what they do next in life with their real gifts, passions, weaknesses, personality and motivations. If we can help even one person take hold of this, then the ripple effect on our world could be immeasurable.

The problem of scripts

Whether you know it or not, we live our lives based on scripts that were handed to us by influential people, education and our culture. We do more and more of the things that gain us approval. The problem is, often those things are at odds with who we are on the inside. This creates a conflict. There can be outer success but inner anxiety when you just know there is more to you than your LinkedIn profile reveals. In fact, I have written this book not because I have found this whole area easy but quite the opposite. I have found it a struggle. I hope to share my insights, ideas and experiences with you so that you can answer these big questions for yourself.

‘You are Here’

When feeling lost, the first step is to put yourself on the map. We need to find the magic words, ‘You are Here’. Sadly, due to too many voices, and the passage of time too many people find it incredibly hard to identify and articulate what their real gifts, passions, weaknesses, personality and motivations are. How do you find out? The answer is to be found in going on a journey of inner discovery and re-discovering what really makes us, us.


A Pivot is a turn or change in direction. Entrepreneurs are all too familiar with this concept. You start off with a set of assumptions which may later prove to be right or wrong. A start-up is released into the wild and by paying close attention to what happens in reality it is possible to later change direction (a pivot) in a way that fits the new found reality. As individuals, there comes a time when we have enough miles/kilometers on the clock to pause for a review and look objectively at what our unique experiences have taught us.

With those insights, we can pivot into a new path that is well suited to us and we can flourish.

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