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Aitheon Announces Strategic Partnerships Ahead of Platform Launch

Aitheon discusses their new partnerships in anticipation of platform and hardware device launches.

New York, NY, USA, 05/13/2019 / /

Kiev, Ukraine, May 13 — Amid preparations for platform and hardware device launches, Aitheon is pleased to announce important new partnerships. These include Peplink, Frontier Computer, and M2M data plans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Together, they will expand the product and service capabilities Aitheon can provide to its clients and community.

Partnering with Peplink allows Aitheon, Aitheon Clients, Aitheon Specialists, and Aitheon Pilots to connect to AI and robots with blazing fast connectivity and failover protection using SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology. This technology bonds all connected cellular and physical bandwidth into a single high-speed stream, using the same or different cellular providers. Dual SIM slots allow the use of separate cellular providers for bandwidth bonding or the elimination of blind spots. By partnering with Peplink, Aitheon is directly integrating this technology into hardware robots and systems as well being a provider of configured Peplink hardware to customers that are ready to work with the Aitheon platform. These products and services will be available through the Aitheon marketplace in Q2 2019.

The Frontier Computer Corp. is an American company focused on serving enterprise IT clients worldwide. By partnering with FCC, Aitheon will support its clients and community with pre-configured hardware that is compatible with the Aitheon Platform for businesses and Aitheon Specialists and Pilots. This includes Thin Clients, Yealink SIP phones, M2M data plans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as antennas from Poynting, Axxess Marine, Panorama, and Mobile Mark.

Michael Maitland, Director of Channel Sales at FCC, confirms that this agreement approves the partnership. “The future activity has the information, tools, links, and support that will allow our partner Aitheon to successfully provide the innovative product lines we offer.”

Aitheon CEO Andrew Archer said the deal is “a significant step for additional services and products within the Aitheon Ecosystem to assist small and medium-sized business automation. This partnership will also provide another level of reliability to the Aitheon ecosystem platforms of government, self-driving vehicles, warehouse management, automated parking, smart device, and others. It allows direct integration with best in class products and allows Aitheon to lower the IT and networking issues associated with a small business operation. Aitheon has tested the Peplink bonding technology over the past several years with critical business ops, remote areas in our driverless systems, and live piloting demonstrations at events with our robots.”

Mr. Archer believes one of the benefits this agreement provides for Aitheon is the ability to have reliable internet connections for users and businesses connected to the platform. This stability is a problem that usually takes a team of IT professionals to solve. With this partnership, Aitheon can drastically eliminate any connectivity issues experienced and ship AI-enabled hardware that is simple to install and provides a high-quality user experience of the Aitheon ecosystem and its implementations.

Dead spots within coverage areas are a common inconvenience for certain mobile service providers. Aitheon’s partnership using the M2M data plans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as antennas from Poynting, Axxess Marine, Panorama, and Mobile Mark, allows it to provide coverage for almost all applications and locations. When combined with the Peplink systems, Aitheon mitigates the risk of interruption of mission-critical operations within the Aitheon Ecosystem. Through our soon to be announced Partnership Program, we invite other companies, who need these services and want to leverage the Aitheon platform and network, to become a part of the Aitheon ecosystem and grow their business.  

Aitheon’s strategic partnerships benefit customers and create opportunities for businesses and members. The Aitheon team continues to implement superior technology to assist businesses and users who are members of the platform. Aitheon continues to provide the best solution for everyone and make AI available to all the world regardless of size or financial capabilities. If you’re in robotics, AI, or Business automation company, we invite you to become a part of the Aitheon ecosystem and allow us to offer services to businesses and users to make their lives better. If you need business automation, even if it is a custom application, please refer to

About Aitheon

Aitheon is one of the few blockchain platforms that is catching the attention of both technology enthusiasts and government institutions alike. It is committed to using developments in AI and robotics to handle the menial back-end processes of modern firms, creating jobs for humans as machine operators, or Aitheon Pilots. The platform’s founders believe these solutions will create space for people to rely more on their judgment and creativity to do meaningful work, and delegate brute labor to machines. Andrew and Ryan lead a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts in IT, robotics, and machine learning that believe in the symbiotic nature of robotics and people. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has stated that their type of initiative could cause a “bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.”

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