New York has problems: paranormal trains, deadly strawberries, time loops & more

Train passengers in New York are terrorized by supernatural entities.

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Pandora, an undeniable beauty, was walking back to her building in the Bronx. She just got off the 2 train and she was tired from working the night shift as a nurse. She felt like someone was following her but no one was behind her. She entered her apartment and went directly into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and grabbed a strawberry from the basket. She ate it, feeling so divine. Ever since she was a little girl, this woman loved strawberries. She grabbed another one and ate it, enjoying it like it was almost orgasmic. 
A woman’s voice said, “I love strawberries too.” 
Pandora jumped, closed the refrigerator and turned around. A black mist attacked her. The black mist separated into two, covering her nose and her mouth. Pandora couldn’t breathe. She tried to remove the films but she couldn’t. She fell to the floor, suffocated and died. Then, Pandora’s dead body levitated. Minutes later, there were two Pandoras in the apartment, the dead one on the floor and the naked one standing over her. The naked one thought about clothes and clothes appeared on her. She was dressed like it was her birthday. She left the apartment but not by using the door. She disappeared. Her name was Delilah. 
Thirty minutes later, a tired businessman was waiting for the downtown train at Fordham Road. Some footsteps away, without him knowing, Delilah appeared and walked over to him. She offered him a strawberry that appeared out of nowhere. 
“Nice magic trick,” the businessman was impressed. 
“Eat.” Delilah smiled, but the businessman was not interested in eating a strawberry from a total stranger. Yet he was compelled to try it.

I enjoyed making the webseries, Love Train. It started in 2009 and ended in 2012. It wasn’t supposed to be a webseries, just a few videos, but I guess Love Train had its own plans. It was one of those things you needed more of like salt, pepper, water, sneakers, IMAX, drugs, porn or sex. Love Train was the fix viewers needed. Everyone wanted to act in it even if they had a small role and a few of them were willing to do almost anything (that some would later regret). The webseries started great new friendships and future connections for many. It started intimate relationships off screen for some actors. It made problems for many of us such as jealousy and hate among family, friends and strangers. It made relationships or friendships end. There were false accusations of cheating and questions on one’s sexuality. Love Train was simple yet very artsy, but it made some people lose their freaking minds while some viewers felt the webseries was too much at times. If the webseries was too much for these people, then this book will really have them upset. I would like to say special thanks to Steven Ramirez, Vince Lopez, Anastasia West, Tatiana Jacqueline, Victoria White, Christina Hernandez, Jimmy Allman, Rebecca Mark, Emily Bennett, Jason Torres, Rolls Andre, Ulysses Heyward, Lamar Cheston, Nailah Geter, Lenore Coer, Takako Hotta, Viktoria Vinyarska, Yvans Jean-Michel, Don Cho, Kristina Shell, Whitney Benjamin, Brea Zoleta, Vanessa Leavitt, Evgeniya Orudzheva, Helen Cha and family, Jodine Jackson, Waymond Greenfield, Brad Bizzy Beauge, Lamonte Lans, Emily Caspari, Thomas Martin, Stephanie Kali Cummings, Calvin C. Winbush, Nneka Croal, Annabel Barrett, Massiel Hernandez, Debbie Anne Pascual, Alexis Van Dijk, Tara Mackey, Kimberly Agront, Quejan Jones, Alisa Lova, Berfu Ugur, May Agu (for the special makeup like the cool eyeball, blood and hanging skin, yummy), Emmily Bowman, Erica Lee Hammond, Roberto Zuniga, Hannah Kim, May Satch, Layla Vegas, Aneicia Campbell, Michele Paser, Jessica Dicembri, James Aaron Whitfield, Natasha Kojic and Jinesis (for your music peppered through the episodes) as well as so many others for your love, your support and just making Love Train rock! I hope the world will enjoy Train. – Gene Geter (Writer/Director) 

My reoccurring role on Love Train had enabled me to meet some of the best talent NYC has to offer. The diversity of the cast showcased a myriad of raw beauty from both men and women. Love Train is a series that many can relate to which makes for a more believable story. – Anastasia West (Delilah)

It was fun to be a monster. Thank you Gene for the opportunity. It was great working with you. – Tatiana Jacqueline (Trudy)

It was amazing experience working with Gene. I loved his idea of Love Train. You never know what’s gonna happen in NYC ;)) – Evgeniya Orudzheva (Lucy)

Love Train was one powerful experience to take on. It provided me my first on-screen kiss and we all had a fun time shooting. It was definitely a ride of a lifetime. We shot in so many beautiful and interesting places. I found it truly interesting that in the finale was to show the audience, how it all began. From pushing our inner instincts to kissing on the train, to love, that soon turns to obsession, jealousy, and finally murder. We had such an amazing arc of a storyline. I would work with the brilliant mind of Gene Geter again and I hope to SOON! – Jason Torres (Nathaniel)

Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them. I thank Gene for being such a talented person. You gave us all a chance to be somebody that we could not possibly be in real life. Playing a supernatural murderer was weird; I thought I could only play Cinderella lol. It was all improvisation; we didn’t have a script, just a crazy idea. I think we did great! Gene, I wish you all the best. I know you’ve got enough talent and ideas to make it big! – Kristina Shell (Lira)

I was on vacation when I realized that when I got back to NY, I would pursue a career in acting. It’s taken me places I could never have dreamed. I’ve done things I didn’t think I could possibly do and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for Gene Geter and Love Train as my first gig. It meant a lot to me being asked to be apart of it. What seemed like just a webseries, Love Train is so much more. It will always have a special place in my heart because who knows what would have happened if Gene Geter never asked me to be in it. – James Aaron Whitfield (Dallas)

I remember when Gene asked me to act in Love Train. I was surprised. I never acted before. But…I’m glad I did. Gene’s Love Train was a successful webseries, a soundtrack, T-shirts and now a book based on the webseries called Train. It also started my acting career. I’ve been in an Off-Broadway show; other webseries and I’ve been producing too. Thanks Gene for having me in your epic series. – Steven Ramirez (Rick)


About the Author
Gene Geter is a photographer, author and former entertainment columnist. He has photographed tons of models, artists and musicians including Bianca Golden (America’s Next Top Model), Kahshanna Evans and Laurence Yang. Geter has also interviewed Prince, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Robin Thicke, Kristin Kreuk, Aaliyah, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Jada Pinkett Smith. He has published novellas, poetry and photography books. Geter is also a videographer, directing, writing and producing videos on YouTube and Vimeo
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