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SocialCentiv Announces Tremendous Revenue and Account Growth

Dallas, TX, United States, 09/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

SocialCentiv, whose marketing software helps businesses find new customers on Twitter, announced that its revenue has grown 90 percent since the beginning of 2015.

The bulk of that growth has come via the Dallas company’s January launch of its managed account services unit, which has seen an 80 percent surge in sales over the past 10 months. Using the seven-year-old business’ patented software, SocialCentiv’s managed account services team provides soup-to-nuts outsourcing of a client company’s sales outreach through Twitter.

“We have entered the next phase of our evolution,” said Bernard Perrine, co-founder and CEO. “Our clients love the results our software can provide, including a lower cost per click than Google AdWords and an average conversion rate of 34 percent.”

But as research from Ascend2 has found, 43 percent of marketers believe a lack of in-house resources and skills is among the most difficult barriers they face in achieving success in social media marketing. That number was higher than for any other issue the respondents cited, Perrine noted.

“Many businesses want to use social media to generate revenue, but simply don’t know how,” he said. “Building an in-house team to do the job is costly, difficult and time-consuming. We created our managed account services group to take that chore off our clients’ plates.”

Measuring ROI

In many cases, large, name-brand companies have signed up for SocialCentiv’s managed services offering partly because they can measure the revenue their investment in the service can produce, according to Jason Dove, SVP of sales and marketing.

“A survey from Duke University found only 15 percent of marketers have been able to prove quantitatively the impact of social media on their business,” he said. “That is a recipe for problems down the road. Separate Duke research projected in 2014 that social media outlays would rise from nine percent of marketing budgets at the time to 13.2 percent this year – and to 21.4 percent by 2019.”

The good news for marketing executives is that numerous SocialCentiv clients have received measurable gains in sales that they can attribute directly to using the service, Dove reported.

“A major entertainment venue generated more than $185,000 in revenue on a media cost of $10,000, which included the price of our service. If that’s not a return on investment, I don’t know what is.”

Getting better all the time

In addition to the launch of its managed account services unit, SocialCentiv has made significant upgrades to its software that add speed and simplicity to mining Twitter for sales prospects.

The software, made available over the Internet, uses keywords of its customers’ choosing to provide a list of Tweets from consumers who may be in need of the client’s products or services. The client can then respond to appropriate Tweets with a discount offer.

New features that SocialCentiv has rolled out in 2015 allow clients to handle multiple advertising campaigns on one screen, along with providing suggested replies to consumer Tweets and the ability to track conversions that have turned into sales.

“To paraphrase an old Beatles tune, we’re getting better all the time,” Dove said.

About SocialCentiv

In August 2014, HipLogiq integrated its portfolio of Twitter marketing applications under a single product line, SocialCentiv. The Twitter-certified, powerful, patented software manages Twitter campaigns that search for keywords in order to reach relevant consumers in real time, with greater precision by targeting local Tweets. The software also boasts Spanish-language capabilities to engage the Hispanic market. Now, businesses can sign up for a managed account or opt to manage the account themselves with the online user-friendly, do-it-yourself tool at You can be part of the most relevant Tweets as they happen, spot opportunities first, and make a name for yourself with SocialCentiv.

Since May 2013, SocialCentiv has received $12 million in two rounds of funding. For more information, go to, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


For more information, contact Karen Carrera, TrizCom, 972-207-1935, or @kjcarrera.


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