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Socially Driven Startup 9HappyPeople is Creating Local Jobs in Dallas

Dallas , TX, United States, 05/02/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Buy a T-shirt, Create a Job! That’s the tagline for 9HappyPeople, a lifestyle apparel brand focused on producing high quality, locally made and designed t-shirts with a purpose. Launched by local entrepreneurs, Amrit Kirpalani, serial entrepreneur and community citizen and Candice Quarles, human resources professional and past president of the Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals — the two came together to create a socially conscious clothing brand that directly connects you to impact the community. 

A woman-owned printing company in South Dallas will produce 9HappyPeople t-shirts. The social venture enterprise functions as a public benefit corporation, however the company intends to flip the traditional model of corporate giving. Rather than giving 10-15% of profits, 9HappyPeople will cap their company profit at 9% and give/donate the remainder to organizations who assist the unemployed with job training or job placement. They will invest at least $1 per every $1 of profit they make as a company to be reinvested in the community to help create jobs in South Dallas.

 “Having a job with a livable wage is the beginning of real transformation in our communities” said Quarles. “We believe businesses have a responsibility to help improve society.”

On April 9th, 9HappyPeople launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to order its first batch of t-shirts produced. The campaign goal was $10,000, which was raised in less than 12 hours. “Thank you to everyone who supported our vision of job creation, every donation helps” said Kirpalani.


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