World Cast Movie history’s first to cast and film actors globally

Actors audition from around the globe and those cast are sent film studios to shoot from home.

Actors audition from around the globe and those cast are sent film studios to shoot from home.

06/22/2013 (press release: World Cast Movie) // Berlin, Berlin, Germany // Ryan James

World Cast Movie has launched an online platform for actors around the globe to submit auditions for its feature film, a comedy about 12 strangers who take shelter in a basement during a solar storm, but soon find that surviving each other is more difficult than surviving outside. Within its first few weeks of launch, the World Cast Movie website has been visited by tens of thousands of users from over 80 countries, and has had auditions come in from over 12 countries.

To be cast, an actor only needs talent – it is not relevant if they have an agent, or status in a traditional film industry hub like New York or LA. Even prison performers are being considered. Auditions are submitted online, and those cast will have a film studio come to them.

That is, they will receive a blue screen, lights, HD camera and microphone. The actor will set it up according to simple instructions, and be directed via online video conference. The recorded footage is sent back to headquarters in Berlin to be edited into the movie, the story of which takes place in one location.

While there will be some local shooting in Berlin, and limited use of body doubles, it will be the first time in history that a “film studio” has been decentralized in this way, fully capturing the potential of current digital technology and online communications. It is also the first time a truly global talent search has been conducted, making participation in a visually cohesive movie a possibility no matter where the talent is located.

Auditions started June 1st and will remain open until September 1st. Callback sessions take place through September. Shooting sessions of 2-3 days take place from October through November, and the film will be cut for release in 2014.

About World Cast Movie

World Cast Movie is the creation of Ryan James, a graduate of CalArts who has lived in 16 cities around the globe. Acting credits include The Illusionist, Shangahi Knights, Running Scared & more. He won two 2011 Amazon Studios awards for his voice acting and sound design, and has had four feature screenplays produced.

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