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TAKING RISKS? You Must if you are going to advance in life. Some Get It fast.

There is “SOMETHING” that TRICKS and uses YOU. It is against your SUCCESS. It makes you think that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Wrong!

05/16/2013 (press release: ShamanGrayOwl) // Denver , Colorado, USA // James Roberts

You cannot advance in life unless you get scared sometimes. Your new work venture, new home, new relations, new anything. Each one of these improvements seems to happen after a time of struggling and being afraid. Scared Shitless! Afraid and scared until the point that you have to finely ignore the fear and TAKE THE NEXT STEP to improve your circumstances as best you know how. A Map would be good if you could find one. Usually one goes through life without clear instructions. No map! Instructions for Success. Instructions that can be applied to any condition you want.

My experience as a Shaman has proven to me that there are few educators out there that can provide simple directions for getting through life PROPERLY. There are a few EASY foundation principles that cannot be shaken so you can build and grow YOUR LIFE the way you want. With the best knowledge you can do whatever you want YOUR WAY.

Here is an example that this Shaman and teacher has discovered that you can see for yourself how DARK FORCES are holding you back from success in all areas of your life. Exercise: Pick an example from you past when you were locked up in a thought process that made you FEEL BAD. You may have one happening now. The thought process will look something like this: “I COULD’A – WOULD’A – SHOULD’A. . .” “I’M GONN’A DO THIS OR THAT IF / WHEN. . .” I want you to understand the next statement I make. Please try hard. I truly want to change your life. Prove it for yourself. . . STATEMENT: The fact that you can OBSERVE an inner dialogue that which makes you feel bad PROVES YOU ARE NOT THE AUTHOR! You are the observer tricked into thinking you are talking to yourself. Way Weird! This is one of the best discoveries you can make about the darker spirits’ world and how it operates to drain your life away. It sure as Hell ain’t making your and yours feel Heavenly.

This CRAP from the darker realms is what keeps you running around in circles, not advancing successfully the way you want. When your success does happen in some way it is most likely an accident or the result of years of hard work. Repeatable on Demand? Not Usually. I teach the same SUCCESS TOOLS to EVERYONE. The only difference between you and another is that I QUICKLY customize what you need to know, just for you, so YOU GET IT FAST. You will get it quickly. And what I show you can be applied to anything you want in life. You want something and I will give you want you need free. I want to see more successful people on this planet with desires to advance in life. With desires to help others. Those who want success in every way. This is good for the planet one person at a time till you can help masses. More people GIVING!!! That’s happy. Come see what I can do for you at Share this exercise with others. Share this page. To start a new life full of more of everything you want, MORE MONEY, TOO! Click Here now.

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