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Smart Tweezers LCR-meter has Expanded into Markets in Over 27 Countries

Smart Tweezers LCR-meter has gained marketing partners in 27+ countries. New support websites, calibration facility for Europe and new development are launched.

03/18/2013 (press release: SmartTweezers) // Waterloo, Ontario, Canada // Michael Obrecht

Siborg Systems Inc.’s fully automatic LCR-meter, Smart Tweezers, has grown into new markets with support in over 27 countries. Siborg has launched new websites for the device, including the Smart Tweezers Blog, and established a new facility for calibration in Poland offering European users a more central location to send their devices. Siborg has also begun development on a new model of the device.

Smart Tweezers combine a small display, a set of precision tweezers and a highly accurate LCR-meter capable of instantaneous measurement results with virtually no-setting up. With just a touch of the tips, the device identifies the type of component and measures for Capacitance (C), Resistance (R) and Inductance (L), the latter rarely found on a device of its kind. The newest model, the ST5, features component sorting, continuity and diode testing and designated Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) measurements, with a basic accuracy of 0.2%, nearly 6 times higher than previous models.

The new Smart Tweezers distributors include; SIBBIS International (USA), KT International (Indonesia), Production Solutions (Poland), Newly-Tsuchiyama (Japan), Advance Tech Services (India), Bokar International (USA), PrinTec (Netherlands), Dipaul (Russia), GoldTek (China), CF System Technology (Malaysia), and Van Device (Japan). These companies offer equipment, components and consumables for electronic industries, and agree that Smart Tweezers offers users a unique and exciting alternative to testing and troubleshooting Surface Mount Technology without using conventional bench-type testers.

“We design, manufacture and market various Printed Circuit Board (PCB) test solutions,” says Yasunobu Noguchi, Director at Newly Tsuchiyama, “It includes automatic LCR-checkers, Optical Inspection Systems, and a few other testers/checkers and accessories. Automatic Checkers are very efficient but they require a setup that may be rather time consuming. This is exactly where Smart Tweezers come in handy. Smart Tweezers™ is an integration of a pair of precision gold-plated probes, digital LCR-meter and an LCD display into a light pocket-size unit. It can be easily handled by just one hand leaving the other free for holding another tool or taking notes. Smart Tweezers™ can be used for a quick PCB testing/debugging in combination with an optical inspection system or to complement an automatic LCR-checker for a preliminary PCB check.”

“We provide test solutions from Agilent in Russia for a number of years”, says Alkexander Lyubimtsev, Project Manager at Dipaul, St.Petersburg, Russia, “and we appreciate how well Smart Tweezers LCR-meter compliments bench-type testers in a quick yet accurate evaluation of LCR-components.”

Smart Tweezers are a simple way of testing and troubleshooting PCBs, and do not require reading the manual prior to working with them. Siborg has launched multiple websites to further simplify using the device, each featuring a Smart Tweezers Video introduction and tips adapted towards regions (USA, China, Canada, India, etc.).

“This web site will give Indian clients a better feeling of what this remarkable device would allow them to do, including a short video,” says Ajay Gupta, Director of marketing at Advance Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. “Light weight and nearly pen size make Smart Tweezers extremely useful for any kind of field work.”

The Smart Tweezers Blog offers all the latest news about the device in one place.

A new center for calibration of Smart Tweezers has been placed in Poland offering companies in Europe that require their equipment to be calibrated annually in order to stay ISO compliant. Before there were only 3 facilities worldwide; in Pasadena, California, in Waterloo, Ontario and in New Delhi, India. This made sending devices abroad for calibration a costly procedure with long wait times, many companies resorted to using a 3rd party method of calibration. This method only confirmed Smart Tweezers accuracy by comparing the measurement values to values of standard components, and not by changing the coefficients of the device. This method may prove accuracy, but it does not ensure that Smart Tweezers is working optimally. With help from Bokar, the calibration facility was established at Production Solutions in Warsaw, Poland.

A new model of Smart Tweezers is being developed with help from the Institute of Automation and Electrometry at the Russian Academy of Sciences. The new model will still offer all the same features and accuracy that has become synonymous with Smart Tweezers, but will have a lower manufacturing cost.

Smart Tweezers are a handy tool that works well in manufacturing, repair and troubleshooting PCBs, and is currently being used by many major-high tech companies worldwide.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Michael S. Obrecht , Director

Siborg Systems Inc.

24 Combermere Crescent

Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5B1 Canada

Tel 519-888-9906

Fax 519-725-9522



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