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Pebble Stone Coatings Rolls Out New Licensing Program for Businesses

02/19/2013 (press release: sheiladanzig) // Las Vegas, NV // Kurt Schwigert or Sean West

Pebble Stone Coatings is proud to announce the rollout of a new licensing program to sell and install their enormously popular decorative stone resurfacing nationwide.

Pebble Stone Coatings is a revolutionary product that inexpensively transforms the look of drab, even damaged concrete by the application of a 100% natural stone overlay, without the need to remove the underlying concrete or tile, which can be a messy and expensive project. Pebble Stone Coatings creates a distinct and durable architectural design feature that adds warmth and beauty, certain to increase the value of any home or commercial property, while reducing maintenance costs.

Now, Pebble Stone Coatings is expanding by offering local businesses around the country the opportunity to become independent Pebble Stone Coatings sales and installation operations or add Pebble Stone Coatings to enhance their existing line of paving and surfacing products.

Individuals or businesses can purchase a wholly exclusive market area for a fixed price—that means no royalties, no franchise or renewal fees, no inventory minimums or advertising—no additional fees of any kind. And no competition from other PSC businesses. The PSC startup program includes sales and marketing supplies and installation training, including the specialty tools required for successful, quality installation.

“We’re very excited about it,” says Kurt Schwigert, owner and originator of Pebble Stone Coatings. “It’s become enormously successful, starting in Las Vegas. Because of its popularity and because we want to ensure continued quality installation and premier customer service and satisfaction, we decided that the way to go was to train local business owners around the country how to properly install it, supply them the materials, and let them own their Pebble Stone Coatings business outright.

“Plus,” Schwigert added, “because we grant each business owner an exclusive territory, there is zero risk that another Pebble Stone Coatings business will open up within their sales territory.”

The decorative resurfacing industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the US today. Beautiful curb appeal is something every homeowner wants but, because of the labor intensiveness and cost of the materials, it proved feasible for very few business and homeowners. Pebble Stone Coatings set out to make a stunningly attractive product that is long lasting, natural, and slip- and mildew-resistant, an affordable way to ramp up the beauty of any home, restaurant, hotel or business.

Home sellers now have a reasonably priced way to set their home above the competition overnight, adding literally thousands to its market value to sell quickly in what has become a challenging marketplace.

Schwigert explained that the professionals at PSC have designed the training curriculum to ensure that each and every PSC division owner is thoroughly trained in every aspect of decorative resurfacing. “There are no prerequisite skills,” he explained. “We want each of our owners to be successful and so we’re willing to comprehensively train them to develop all the necessary skills to ensure their success. That’s why we charge just a fraction of what franchise businesses charge, why we don’t charge additional fees down the line, and why business owners need only purchase the precise amount of supplies they need at any given time. That helps each division owner keep prices down and beat the competition every time.”

PSC not only trains their licensees and supplies the specialty tools needed, but also provides marketing strategies, promotional materials such as business cards, sample boards, brochures, yard signs, and logo-emblazoned shirts, customized magazine-ready advertising, invoices, proposals and much more. They even accommodate personalized business webpages on their website,, granting each division owner their own space for testimonials and business/contact information.

“Our engineers have developed the most technologically advanced application process and epoxies in the industry,” said Schwigert. This groundbreaking epoxy and simplified application process means that every licensed and trained division owner can complete their resurfacing jobs in half the time it takes their non-PSC competition with superior results.

Contact Pebble Stone Coatings today to find out more about how you can own your very own Pebble Stone Coatings business. Call (702) 243-7866 or visit them at

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