Paul Mason, Colorado Springs Estates Lawyer, Warns Of Year-End Changes to Estate Tax Laws

/ The expiration of key laws in Congress may expose more CO residents to estate or “Death Taxes” after their passing. Colorado Springs attorney, Paul Mason explains these changes, as well as steps to ensure more money goes to your family—and not Uncle Sam—after death. You’ve worked hard to save money, accumulate assets and leave […]

Tampa Financial Planner Explains Why You Should have a 2013 Tax Plan Now

/ While taxes are far from everyone’s mind during the Holiday season, Frank J. Velten, CFP®, president of a Florida financial advisors company, F.J. Velten & Sons, Inc., firmly believes that it’s time to start tax planning for 2013. While taxes are far from everyone’s mind during the Holiday season, Frank J. Velten, CFP® president […]

Good Sleep for Brain Health is Now Available in the Online Market

/ FREE On Amazon from 12/29/2012 through 01/02/2013 Good Sleep for Brain Health, a new ebook from Kindle was released and introduced in the market to educate men and women and to provide the important pieces of information they should know on how they can maintain the normal functioning of their brain. Since it is […]

Hunger Strike Demanding Immediate Release Of Alan Gross And Eduardo Arocena

/ Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation Executive Director and former Cuban political prisoner, starts a hunger strike demanding from United States and Cuba governments the immediate release of Eduardo Arocena and Alan Gross. Alan Phillip Gross is an American international development expert who was working in Cuba as a U.S. government subcontractor for the U.S. […]

Spirit Lockets LLC Bursts Onto The Cyberspace Marketplace

/ On December 14th, 2012, Spirit Lockets LLC went “live” and began its meteoric rise in the cyber-stratosphere. “Within less than two weeks we’ve had nearly 300 Spirit Lockets Affiliates enroll throughout the US and Canada. It’s very exciting – they’re hitting the ground running, marketing our gorgeous on-trend products and earning fantastic commission!” Spirit […]

We Need to Wise Up Our Finances; by Wising Up Our Policies on All Fronts.

/ It is amazing how both parties are still playing politics with the fiscal cliff. President Obama’s proposal will raise 40 billion and the Republican proposal will will raise 20 billion. The difference is just 20 billion. 20 billion covers just less than 6 days of the actual US national deficient. Both parties are stuck […]