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Capita Communications OneM@il Service Revolutionises Business Communications

Capita Communications has created an industry first with its unique end-to-end system that is revolutionising business communication in the UK.

10/22/2012 (press release: press-releases) // United Kingdom // Customer Care

Capita Communications is revolutionising the business communications industry by providing fit-for-purpose solutions to a variety of business sectors. Companies outsourcing their customer correspondence needs have benefited from immediate savings of over 40% compared to those who kept document production in house.

Capita Communications UK has created an industry first with its unique end-to-end system that is revolutionising business communication in the UK. By the careful integration of consultation and managed print services the company offers a fresh approach to the bulk distribution of customer communications, whether this be by mail, SMS, email or customer self-service. As a trusted and well respected FTSE-100 company Capita Communications offers the security and stability needed to inspire confidence from clients, who are quick to reap the tangible benefits of this unique approach.

The innovative OneM@il system offers a hybrid mail solution which can reduce office related print and mail costs by up to 60%. By moving production of documents from an office environment to a centralised production centre, savings are made on costly print and fulfilment components. This not only translates into real money savings, but reduces the time spent undertaking these tasks by employees, thus enhancing productivity.

Implementing the OneM@il system into a business can improve work force morale as more time is spent by employees on actual work, rather than wasting time getting up and down to the printer and changing ink cartridges. Fewer administration staff are needed and there is greater accountability as now companies can accurately measure both the numbers and cost of each document they produce.

Capita communications is striving to expand after securing an enviable position in niche business communications sectors such as education, local authorities and financial services. Mendip Local Council is just one of many satisfied customers, since signing a 5 year deal with Capita Communications they are receiving savings of around 24k a year by using the OneM@il service.

What really sets Capita Communications apart from the rest of the business communications sector is the scope and adaptability of the OneM@il software programme. Compatible with the majority of office document software the solution can be rolled out company wide, by placing an icon on each users desktop allowing speedy access. Instead of printing the resultant document off in the office, a copy will be sent to the OneM@il server in the central communications hub.

By combining the OneM@il service with other Capita Communications solutions, such the e-delivery service OneMsg, further revenue savings can be made. The importance of re-assessing the need to send out paper copies, and investing in an appropriate e-distribution system is becoming increasingly noted. With many companies striving to become sustainable and carbon neutral this service offers considerable environmental benefit.

As part of their complete end-to-end customer experience Capita Communications has an in-house creative team who are able to create and re-design existing material. This facilitates the creation of revamped and inspiring designs and presentations, to ensure the successful delivery of a companies message to its customer base.

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