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Robert Announces New Website Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes

Robert, notorious ex-smoker and website founder, has just announced a new site called Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes for his loyal followers.

10/15/2012 (press release: robjahor) // Temecula, CA, United States // Robert Jahor

Robert Jahor, the notorious ex-smoker and founder of rapidly growing social and informational hubs, has just announced the initial promotions for Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes where he will provide analysis and discussions covering all electronic cigarette issues related to the vaping community. The lucky few that have had the chance to catch up with Robert in his social circles already understand how he shoots from the hip with a no BS approach which is exemplified at Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes. This exciting repository of e cigarette information is a “one stop shop” for smokers looking to quit and get away from the harsh chemicals that are in real cigarettes. Robert looks at a wide assortment of methods being used to kick the habit, provides candid commentary regarding whether or not they have been proven to work, and discusses whether the expense is really worth the money. Robert’s reputation of telling it like it is has made him a rarity in the seedy underworld of tobacco, where lies and disinformation has been the norm for so long. Robert’s Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes has been offering a fantastic visitor value combined with a realistic viewpoint on the shenanigans and propaganda being employed by the big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately exposing their lies in the media.

Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes is one hundred and eighty degrees different from the other e cigarette websites in cyberspace. This is because of the gentleman that took the time to build it from the ground up, visitors say. Instead of spending his time on the site advertising and towing the company line, his message contains a wealth of information to help smokers and vapers alike. This helps them to understand the state of the industry, and the efficacy of the products coming to market. Robert does not forget about entertaining his many followers there and his excitement and relaxed attitude comes through loud and clear in the fun games and promotions that they have every week on the website. Robert has discovered that long time smokers and newbie vapers are looking for a source of genuine and refined commentary, and the new site provides that. Smokers and ex-smokers are sick and tired of wading through the many fake reviews and cluster of non-sensical gibberish being spewed by many marketers in the electronic cigarette space. Robert exposes the rhetoric being pushed by the mainstream media, and answers questions of struggling ex-smokers in an open and candid way. This explains his strong momentum in the social communities over the past few years.

What truly makes Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes the leader in the e cigarette review market is a combination of factors, including Robert’s struggles to quit, and his triumph over tobacco being exposed for all of his followers to chime in on. Robert went through over 8 years of struggling to quit, and tried everything from the nicotine patch to the expensive nicotine replacement therapies – only to go back to lighting up once again. He has been touted in the smoking and vaping communities as one of the preeminent experts on stopping smoking, because of these personal struggles and his commitment to getting the truth out about the safe smoking alternative that e cigarettes represent. His commentary and social sharing is highly sought after by his long time followers, and is rare to find in the finicky and truth seeking crowds on the web today.

To find out more about Robert’s newest rants and advice, check out Robert’s Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes to find out his latest exploits. On the site, visitors can easily navigate through candid advice, reviews, medical research, and popular editorials to find out anything that they need to know about stopping smoking and about using electronic cigarettes to help them successfully quit.

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