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Railyard Fitness Advocates for Exercise in the Classroom

When Children Exercise in the Classroom – Everyone Wins

08/28/2012 (press release: FrankieCervantes) // Denver, Colorado, United States // Frankie Cervantes

A recent study by the University of Michigan Health System reports that not enough exercise is the top health concern for children and parents. Often referred to as “couch potato syndrome,” Railyard Fitness owner and founder Lee Spieker believes the solution lies in implementing exercise activities in the classroom. He offers advice to parents and teachers, encouraging them to stay active in the classroom and express concerns of student exercise activity levels to the physical education departments and schools administrators.

“It’s my goal to provide as many tools and resources to parents, school faculty and other members of society to advocate for exercise in the classroom,” says Spieker. “It should be our objective to get children moving and keep them moving to reap the most from physical activity. We should encourage and educate children about the risks of becoming overweight and help them increase “brain power” at the same time.”

As the study states, the lack of exercise in the classroom is growing concern for parents. Children stay in one classroom throughout the day and have shortened periods for physical education. “If we get more involved it’s inevitable – change will happen,” says Spieker. “The first step for parents is to get moving. Parents have the power to make a difference, speak up and ask school administrators about exercise in the classroom.”

As for teachers, Spieker suggests short and fun activities throughout the day. Students can benefit from exercise. It not only improves posture, strength and improves overall mentality, but it also stimulates and increases thinking, memory, motivation and concentration.

Spieker recently launched a website for parents and teachers to implement healthy activities. The website offers information to parents, teachers and America on how to stay physically active in and outside of the classroom. There’s also a series of video testimonials from educators and parents who have promoted physical activity in the classroom and have seen improved grades and positive change with attitude.

“If we continue to talk about childhood obesity and do nothing to help, then we’re all failing,” Spieker says. “The discussion about ‘kids don’t get enough exercise’ can end today. When kids exercise in the classroom – everyone wins.”

Dr. Matthew Davis, director of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health advocates for organizations that encourage more public programs and communication initiatives such as Railyard Fitness.

To learn more about healthy activities in the classroom, or how to get more involved visit:

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