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Future of Family Holidays: Club 1-100s

Future Report predicts boom in 14-strong Generation X-tra family breaks in 25 years time…

06/21/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Sarah Smith

Future Report predicts boom in 14-strong Generation X-tra family breaks in 25 years time.

Increased life expectancy, shifting grandparent roles and more complex family structures will drastically redefine the way millions of Britons holiday in the future, according to a new report.

By 2037, ‘Relation Vacations’ combining 14 family members and four generations spanning an entire century will be commonplace according to The Butlins Future Report – a study by the British holiday company and UK trend forecasters.

The research comes as Butlins launches its most ambitious hotel to date – Wave Hotel & Apartments. And having just celebrated its 75 year history, the holiday company has looked at what life will be like by the time they reach 100.

Future forecasters behind the report have revealed just what the typical family will look like in 25 years time when Britain will be populated with an extra 1.2 million children, six million more grandparents and a further 1.5 million great-grandparents.

The typical family of the future will be:

o Two great-grandparents

o Four grandparents

o Two step-grandparents

o Two parents (cohabiting partners, father previously married)

o One step-mother (previously married to the father)

o Two children and one step-brother (from father’s previous marriage)

Relation Vacations

Greater life expectancy and a continued decrease in ‘traditional’ families will give rise to much bigger family units containing an average of four generations in 25 years time. But size will not impact on emotional ties as intergenerational bonds become a focal point of family life, according to the new research.

The modern family will also be more dispersed than ever by 2037 with 1.4 million more Brits expected to be living outside of the UK. But this will not undermine the closeness of relationships. While technology will continue to play a pivotal role in families maintaining contact, Relation Vacations will boom as big families look for accessible places to spend precious time together.

Looking ahead, the report also questioned grandparents, parents and children on their expectations for holidaying in the future. Over three quarters (79%) of Britain’s great grandparents in 2037 will use family breaks as a chance to bond with younger generations and feel young again, while 37% of future grandparents cite holidaying with family as the best way to spend quality time together.

Thinking about parenthood in 25 years time, more than a third of children (36%) would consider setting up home somewhere new – 19% of which would emigrate abroad. But it is this increased sense of geographical freedom that will help give rise to the Relation Vacation with 42% of parents-to-be viewing family breaks as the best way to re-connect in the future.

Mark Hunter, Positive Psychologist and Butlins Director of Happiness, said: “The Butlins Future Report shows our commitment to understanding and identifying families’ changing needs so it can help us keep Butlins giving people what they want for generations to come. As families get bigger and often live further apart our research shows that the nature of the family holiday will be about re-connecting and spending quality time with each other which even the best technology cannot replace.”

Expanding for Generation Xtra

According to the report, holiday firms will have to evolve their offer to accommodate Generation Xtra – this new breed of bigger family units.

So what might resorts offer in 25 years time? The report details spacious penthouse-style apartments with bedrooms to fit entire clans; restaurants with extra large dining tables; virtual holiday personal assistants projected onto apartment walls to organise big families and entertainment schedules filled with multi-generational activities.

Looking to the future, Butlins is already trialing Holiday PAs to help families make the most of their time together. Interconnecting rooms can be found at the new Wave Hotel & Apartments and staff are measuring up for king-size restaurant tables.


By 2037 Britain will give rise to the Super-Gs – a new breed of grandparent who juggles work and household jobs with childcare for grandchildren, emotional support for their own children and care for their own parents and in-laws.

Higher life expectancy and increased numbers of women (73%) heading out to work will leave almost half (44%) of grandparents run off their feet by 2037. The research also suggests that ‘granny rooms’ will become a common household space in the future, making it easier for Super-Gs to save the day.

Great grandparents could also have a greater role in childcare in 25 years time with one in six (16%) parents expecting to rely on their grandparents for help. In fact, nearly half (46%) of future great grandparents say they would be prepared to swap future retirement for nappy changing at least once a week.

With grandparents and great grandparents playing an even greater role in childcare, it will be instinctive for them to spend time together on holiday.

Butlins has already begun to witness a rise in multi-generational holidaymakers, and is considering future ‘Super-G’ deals for grandparents to entice re-connection breaks on its resorts.

3D Dads

More women entering the workplace has already driven the shift away from traditional gender roles, with women gaining greater financial independence. More responsibility for helping with housework and childcare will fall with fathers, and by 2037 we can expect to see an army of 3D Dads (Domesticated, Dynamic and Devoted).

According to the research, one in three (35%) dads currently shun housework, and one in six (16%) do little to no childcare. But it’s a far more optimistic outlook for 25 years time with 60% expected to split chores evenly, and 40% pulling their weight with childcare.

Increased responsibility is likely to see stronger bonds between fathers and children, and an increased demand for holiday activities that involve all the family.

Leisure Economy

The report suggests that UK households will take five family breaks a year by 2037, but the need to re-connect, coupled with an increased awareness of the environmental impact of flying will encourage more domestic, UK breaks. In the UK alone, consumer spending on leisure and holidays is likely to increase by 83% from £103 billion in 2011 to £183 billion by 2037.

Paul Flatters, Chief Executive and Future Forecaster at Trajectory, says: “Families are becoming ever more complex, but our forecast paints an exciting picture of how we could be holidaying in 25 years time. Whilst families may be physically separated by distance, or live in different households, we expect more connections, resulting in more intergenerational bonds.”


For more information contact Sarah Smith or Samantha Crossfield at Consolidated PR on 020 7781 2300/ [email protected]

Qualitative and quantitative research was undertaken for Butlins by Trajectory during April and May 2012 and among a sample of 2,200 grandparents, parents and children from 15 – 21 May 2012.

Notes to editors:

About Butlins

Butlins has three beachside holiday resorts, Bognor Regis (West Sussex), Minehead (Somerset) and Skegness (Lincolnshire) and welcomes around 1.5m guests per year.

Butlins won the Tourism and Leisure Training Team Award as well as the Overall Winner Award in the Training Team categories at the Customer Service Training Awards 2011.

It was named as the Best UK/Domestic Tour Operator 2010 in the British Travel Awards as well as 2010 UK Customer Experience Award in Travel, Leisure and Tourism. It is part of Bourne Leisure Ltd which also owns Warner Leisure Hotels and Haven Holidays.

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