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Websites with Questionable Links Hit Hard by Google Penguin

Why websites lost their ranking after April’s algorithm changes

06/06/2012 // ~ Social Media Gal ~ // SocialMediaGal // (Blog)

After Google’s Penguin update many webmasters who took shortcuts were left scratching their heads as websites dropped from page one of searches. The algorithm changes targeted sites using practices against Google Webmaster Guidelines to artificially boost search engine rankings. By cracking down on sites who engaged in unnatural link building practices, like buying backlinks, Google aimed to improve the search experience for users. Webmasters are now left with the task of cleaning up bad links.

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Url: onesocialmediagal.comRead the full story on:Link Pruning and Google Penguin! How to Address Bad Links after Penguin

The Penguin Update takes three powerful factors into consideration for a penalty:

-Ratio of Exact Match Anchor Text in Poor Quality Articles
-Ratio of Bad Links coming from autoapprove, non-moderated blogs
-Ratio of No real On-site Activity by any visitors compared to inbound links

How does the Google Penguin Update Affects SEO and Negative SEO?

More Reading:The safest and most proven way to build quality, inbound links for your website or blog is to create useful or entertaining content.

Link Building Best Practices In A Post Penguin Era

More Reading:Google is getting more serious about buying and selling links. Penguin showed that some stuff that may work short term won’t work in the long term.

Matt Cutts On Penalties Vs. Algorithm Changes, A Disavow-This-Link Tool & More

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