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Cycling — It’s Not Just for Fitness Anymore

Macomb Bike and Fitness owner says there is more to cycling than fitness.

05/30/2012 (press release: sheiladanzig) // Warren, MI, USA // Jeff Radke

Terrific reasons are on the rise as to why you should mount a bicycle, whether it’s a low impact fun form of fitness, a way to economize on rising gas prices, a path to fundraising for charity, or even adopting a more leisurely pace to see the world.

Jeff Radke, lifetime Michigan resident, owner of Macomb Bike & Fitness in Warren MI, and avid cycling enthusiast says, “There’s a whole different dimension to bike riding that many people haven’t discovered.” Even a lot of fitness buffs limit themselves to pedaling inside the same four walls of their home or gym, when there’s so much that you could see and do at the same time to make it far more enjoyable.

In a world where we’re grappling with not just rising gas prices but also obesity rates, there’s no better time than to dust off that bike (or buy a new one) and take it out for a spin.

May is the unofficial start of the biking season, as temperatures leave the chill of winter behind for more temperate levels, and the days begin to stretch. “There are so many great organizations out there putting together terrific cycle events, from rides to socialize and sightsee to charity fundraisers to competition racing,” Jeff Radke says. “Check out Macomb Bike & Fitness or any local bike shop to find out about clubs and events in your areas as well as those further afield.”

There is just so much out there, Radke points out, from neighborhood rides to extensive touring, like Ragbrai, a nearly 500-mile annual cycle event that crosses Iowa and draws recreational riders from all fifty states plus overseas. Popular destinations like wine regions throughout the country also organize group and individual wine tours and map out bike routes for visitors to really get out and experience the location.

Communities are getting on the bandwagon, too, as community planners gear cities and towns more toward pedestrian- and cycle-friendly designs to cut down on congestion and pollutants and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Did you know, for example, that the US could save nearly 500 million gallons of gas every year if we increased cycling from one percent to a mere 1.5 percent?

That’s according to Trek Bikes, a manufacturer that sponsors a number of charity cycle events and the website, one of many websites dedicated to making the world a more bike-friendly place.

According to, nearly one-quarter of all trips we make by car are within one mile of our homes. Forty percent are within two miles, and fully half the US population commutes five or fewer miles to work each day. These are all trips that could be made on a bicycle, saving us money and improving our health at the same time.

Consider the fact that you can cut your risk of stroke and heart disease by half if you start cycling only three hours each week. In a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, physician Dr. Lee Green, professor of medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, was quoted as saying, “Biking burns a lot of calories without burning you up, and it’s a good exercise for the brain.” He adds, “Biking is much safer than the sofa. It’s sitting on the sofa that kills.”

Joining a bike organization in your community or state opens you up to myriad events, whether you’re interested in riding for yourself or also doing good for others. For example, the League of Michigan Bikers,, maintains a calendar on their site for all sorts of events, such as Grosse Point’s Pedal for Paws ride on August 18th, to benefit the Grosse Point Animal Adoption Society. Or check out Trek Bike’s annual October breast cancer awareness ride that takes place in October in locations across the country.

You can get more information and register for these and other charity and social bicycle events by stopping into Macomb Bike & Fitness in Warren.

Cycling is something we can do for ourselves – good health, our community – lowering pollution levels and traffic congestion, and our world – charity fundraisers. It’s a win-win-win!

“There’s something for everyone at every level,” Jeff Radke of Macomb Bike & Fitness says. “There’s just no excuse these days not to get on your bike and ride.” For more information contact Radke at,

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